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Invest in Long-Lasting LED Display Modules with JASIONLED's 20 Years of Experience

JASIONLED offers a wide range of LED display modules, from indoor to outdoor applications. Each of our items underwent a three-step aging test to make sure there are no flaws and that they will last for many years of use.

We can guarantee that you will receive the best LED display modules with exceptional quality and stability because we have 20 years of experience in this field.

The Versatility and Power of LED Display Modules

The LED display module is a cutting-edge display tool that projects text and graphics using a spread of LEDs. As it doesn’t require backlighting and responds much more quickly than LCD screens, the LED display module has numerous advantages over those displays.

For applications requiring constant visual feedback, like traffic signals or on-screen displays in computers or televisions, the LED display module is perfect. In order to produce various hues and intensities, this form of display manipulates the amount of current that passes through each individual light source.

True color & unique vision

Creating Custom Lighting Designs with LED Modules

Explore the art of custom lighting design. From homes to commercial spaces, discover how LED modules are revolutionizing illumination.


P5 Soft LED Module

The soft P5 flexible indoor LED display module is a cutting edge solution designed to transform indoor spaces with vibrant visuals. This module boast a full color capabilities, ensuring every hue is rich and true to life. With a brightness of 800cd/sqm, it delivers vivid images even in a well-lit environments. Its impressive 3840Hz refresh rate guaranteeing smooth and flicker free display performance.


P3 Flexible LED Module

The soft P3 flexible indoor LED display module with a high density if 160,000 dots/m2, a brilliant white balance of ≤800 CD/㎡, and a wide viewing angle of 120º, it delivers exceptionally sharp and vibrant visuals. Its rapid 3840hz refresh rate ensures smooth transistions between content providing an immersive viewing experience.


P6 Outdoor LED Module

The P6 outdoor SMD2727 LED screen module has a wide viewing angle of 120º, blrilliant 2250cd brightness, and a high density of 27778 pixels/m2, it delivers vibrant visuals even in datlight. Its 1/8 driving mode ensures energy efficiency, making it ideal for outdoor displays. Perfect for events & advertising with a recommend 6m viewing distance.


P4.81 Outdoor LED Module

The P4.81mm outdoor LED display module is a waterproof LED panel, ideal for outdoor use. It features 5500-6000cd/sqm brightness, a 140 degree viewing angle, and compatability with various LED control cards. With an operating life if 100,000 hrs it ensures optimal performance through a rigorous 72 hr aging test process before packing.


Outdoor P3.91 LED Module

With a powerful 6500cd/m2 brightness, wide 120º viewing angle, and a high density of 65,536 pixels/m2, it ensures vibrant outdoor visuals. Operating in 1/8 duty mode with a 16bit gray grade, it delivers superior color transistions. Perfect for events and advertising, this compact module offers seamless integration and stunning clarity.


P1.25 LED Module

With an impressive pixel density of 640,000 pixels/m2 and advanced 16bit color processing, it  delivers unparalleled clarity & vibrant visuals. Housed in a robust die cat aluminum cabinet, it ensures durability. Perfect for close range viewing of 1.2m and offering a wide viewing angle of 160º, it creates immersive indoor displays.


P3.076 LED Module

With a high density of 105,688 dots/m2 and 1000nits/sqm brightness, it delivers detailed and vivid visulas. Its 16bits gray scale and 1920-3840Hz refresh rate ensure smooth transitions. Perfect for indoor displays with a optimal of 3m viewing distance. 


P2 Indoor LED Display Module

The P2 indoor LED display module has a brightness of 450nits and a pixel density of 250,000dots/m2, it ensures vibrant visuals in well lit indoor spaces. Its high 3840hz refresh rate guarantees smooth content transitions. Operating flawlessly between -20℃-40℃, this module delivers consistent performance.


P2.5 LED Module

The P2.5 LED module comes with a brightness of 450nits and 160,000 dots/m2 pixel density, it ensures brilliant visuals. Operating at 1920Hz refresh rate and a wide 140° viewing angle, it delivers seamless displays from any perspective. Perfect for vibrant visual presentations, this module guarantees superior image quality.


P8 Outdoor LED Module

With a pixel density of 15,625pixel/sqm and a brightness of 5500nits/sqm, it ensures vibrant visuals even in daylight. Operating on a 1/5 scan driving mode and a 1920hz refresh rate, it provides seamless displays. Its wide 145° viewing angle and 8m optimal viewing distance offers an immersive visual experience.

Other Products

P2 Soft Indoor LED Display Module

The P2 soft indoor LED display module offers a pixel density of 250,000dots/m2 and a brightness of 900cd, ensuring vibrant visuals even in well-lit environments. With a 1/30scan driving mode,140º viewing angle, and a refresh rate of 3840Hz, it delivers seamless and clear content display indoors.

P6 Indoor Full Color LED Display Module

The P6 indoor full-color LED display module features a 1920Hz refresh rate and a brightness range of 800-100cd/m2. With a contrast of 4000:1 and a wide 120º viewing, it delivers clear and vibrant visuals for indoor applications.

P3 Flexible LED Module

The P3 Flexible LED module boast a 1/20 duty driving mode for efficient operation. With a brightness of 1000cd/m2, wide 120º viewing angle, and a viewing distance of 3m, it ensures vivid and clear visuals. Its 14bits gray scale and rapid refresh frequency of 1920Hz guaratees high-quality and flicker free performance, making it and excellent choice for indoor applications.

P5 Indoor Full Color LED Display Module

The P5 indoor full color LED display module boast 1000cd/m2 brightness and wide 140º viewing angle. Its efficient 1/16 sweep constant current drive ensures stable and vibrant visuals, making it perfect for indoor displays.

P2.976 Indoor LED Screen Module

The 2.976 indoor LED screen module offers versatile performance. With a brightness range of 800-1000nits, it ensure clear and vibrant visuals. Its wide 140 viewing angle and 3-30m view distance provides optimal visibility from various positions.

Soft P4 Flexible Indoor LED Display

The soft P4 flexible LED display offers a brightness of 900nits/m2, utilizing a 1/16 scan driving method for efficient performance. With a wide 160° viewing angle and a refresh rate of 1920hz, it ensures vibrant and clear visuals, making it an excellent choice for dynamic indoor and semi-outdoor displays that require flexibility and high quality imagery.

P1.8605 Indoor LED Screen Module

It features a brightness of 500cd/m2, ensuring clear visuals in various lighting conditions. With a wide viewing angle of 120°, it provides optimal visibility from different perspectives. The 14bits grayscale enhances image quality, while the rapid refresh rate of 3840hz and frame frequency of 60hz for smooth and flicker free performance.

P4 320*160mm Outdoor HD LED Screen Module

The P4 outdoor LED module stands out with a pixel density of 62500/m2, providing detailed visuals. Its wide 120° viewing angle and adaptable viewing distance of 4-40m cater to diverse set ups. The 1/10 scanning drive type ensure efficient and reliable performance.

JASIONLED: Your One-Stop-Shop for High-Quality LED Module Supplier

We at JASIONLED strive to provide you with the best quality LED module and our strict production process ensures that only the highest quality LED module makes it out of our factory.

Our technical support team is here for you, whether you’re looking for a custom-built LED display module or just want to know why we’re the best choice for your business. We’ve got all your bases covered: all of our products are CE, EMC, FCC and RoHS approved.

LED Display Modules: How to Select the Best Option for Your Needs

Applications and sectors for LED display modules range from the automobile to the medical. They provide a great level of customization, allowing you to adjust them to meet the precise requirements of your product. To choose the best option for your application, it’s crucial to comprehend the distinctions between several types of LED display modules.

The module’s cost will vary greatly based on the features and quality that you require. You might also want to think about the guarantee that your module has to offer and whether custom programming is supported.

The size of the pixel plays a crucial role in choosing a display module. Pixel size indicates the number of individual points visible on the screen. A higher pitch pixel count enhances the viewing experience significantly, ensuring sharper and clearer visuals.

As application-specific LED modules are created for a particular application, you can be sure that they will meet your needs. They frequently cost more than general-purpose LED modules as a result.

The guarantee that it is optimal for the job at hand comes with choosing an application-specific LED module, though. This indicates that it will save you time and money because it operates efficiently with no hassle.

Knowing which quality level you require is crucial because LED display modules are available in a variety of levels of quality. High-quality modules typically have the ability to withstand the test of time, but low-quality modules are more likely to fail or have faults with their displays.

Maybe the most vital factor to take into account when purchasing a display module is ease of installation. Choose a module that can be fastened straight to the wall or ceiling if you want something that will be simple to install. These modules, which are frequently referred to as “wall mountable,” contain pre-drilled holes on the back that make it simple to fasten them to the wall or ceiling without the use of additional tools.

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