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JASIONLED's Commitment to Quality and Compliance in LED Display Manufacturing

JASIONLED manufactures LED displays, based in Shenzhen and was founded in 2003. The company currently employs 300 professional workers and covers an area of 8000 square meters. All Jasionled LED displays are CE, EMC, FCC, and RoHS compliant.

It has over 20 years of expertise in the LED display sector and is now a leader on a global scale. It consistently offers its clients top-caliber goods and services at affordable costs. In our opinion, nothing less than the greatest will do for our customers!

Get Noticed Anywhere with LED Backpack Billboards

LED Backpack Billboard is a walking billboard that is used to advertise a brand, product, or service. It has a backpack-like structure with bright LEDs for a visible and eye-catching display. The LED Backpack Billboard comes in different sizes and colors to meet any advertising needs.

It has LED lights which are used to display different messages or images on the billboard. The led light is powered by batteries which makes it very portable and flexible in its use. LED walking billboard are ideal for outdoor advertising purposes as they are durable, cost-effective and highly visible.

True color & unique vision

LED Walking Billboard: Mobile Advertising Solution for Businesses

The solution to a constantly mobile world is a mobile advertising solution for brands and organizations. This is where LED walking billboards come into play because there has never been a greater need for marketing solutions that are both efficient and inexpensive. LED walking billboards are the ideal approach to draw attention to your company because they can be erected at any time and anywhere, and they can be viewed by thousands of people every day.


Single Sided LED Walking Billboard

Our single sided LED walking billboard is a revolutionary outdoor advertising solution. With a spacious screen, lightweight design and waterproof construction, and high power LED illumination, it offers over 8 hours of bright and uniform lighting. Perfect for on-the-go campaigns, its a simple, comvenient mobile, and economical choice for advertiser aiming to make a bold impact.

Available Pixel Pitches:

5mm to 10mm


Double Sided LED Walking Billboard

Our double sided LED walking billboard is the ultimate outdoor advertising solution. With its large advertising screen, ultra-lightweight design, and waterproof features, it ensures messages shine brightly on both sides. The high-power LED lamps provide uniform brightness, and its 6000mAh lithium battery offers over 8 hours of illumination. Tjhis walking billboard guarantees impact and convenience.

Available Pixel Pitches:

5mm to 10mm

Waterproof LED Walking Billboard

The waterproof LED walking billboard is designed for maximum impact in outdoor advertising. With an aspect ratio of 9:16 and a high-resolution display of 1080×1920. The brightness pf 500nits customizable up to 1000nits, guarantees visibility even in bright sunlight. This versatile billboard suports various video formats like MPEG/AVI/MOV/WMV/3GP/RMVB/and other, as well as image format such as MPEG/AVI/MOV/WMV/3GP/RMVB/and other.

Available Pixel Pitches:

5mm to 10mm

LED Backpack Billboard

The LED backpack billboard is a portable and eye-catching solution for on-the-go advertising. This wearable billboard features a high-resolution LED display, allowing you to showcase dynamic content in crowded areas or events. With its lightweight design and comfortable straps, it provides mobility & convenience. Whether promoting products, events or messages, the LED backpack billboard ensures your content stands out, making it a powerful tool for engagement.

Available Pixel Pitches:

5mm to 10mm


Video Display LED Backpack Billboards

Our video display LED backpack billboards is the ultimate solution for dynamic advertising on the move. With eye-catching visuals and stable performance, the portable LED displays guarantee maximum visibility. Equipped with cutting edge DMD technology, these backpack billboards showcase HD quality content in any environment.

Available Pixel Pitches:

5mm to 10mm

LED Human Billboard with Scrolling LED Message

LED Human Billboard with Scrolling LED Message

The human billboard is the perfect way to grab attention with its scrolling LED message display. This innovative wearable advertising solution allows you to showcase dynamic messages & visual while on the move. With its eye catching scrolling feature, messages is sure to capture the attention of passerby. Lightweight & easy to wear, it provides a mobile and impactful advertising platform, making it ideal for engaging with audiences in various setting.

Available Pixel Pitches:

5mm to 10mm

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Mobile LED Display

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Outdoor Mobile LED Screen

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JASIONLED's Dedication to Exceptional Service in LED Walking Billboard Projects

JASIONLED has been providing the best in LED walking billboard solutions for over 90 countries worldwide. We have a strong understanding of both the requirements of our customers and their expectations, as well as strict quality control management to ensure we provide them with the highest quality product possible. 

Our team is dedicated to providing you with an excellent experience throughout your project, and we look forward to working with you!

Benefits of Choosing JASIONLED

JASIONLED is a company that specializes in providing the best LED walking billboard for your business. We have a wide variety of products to choose from so that you can find the right one for your needs. Here are some of the benefits of choosing JASIONLED:

Free Design Support with 3 Years Warranty
JASIONLED will help you create the ideal display solution for your unique requirements. They offer a knowledgeable staff who can assist you in making a decision from among the many possibilities listed in their catalog. You may have confidence in the dependability and quality of all JASIONLED products thanks to their 3-year warranty.
Top-tier Quality and Cutting-edge LED Technology
Our LED walking billboards have undergone extensive testing in some of the most demanding applications, including those for industrial buildings, healthcare facilities, educational institutions, and many more. Offering products that are safe to use in any environment is our aim. For the use for which they are designed, our engineers make a significant effort to ensure that all applicable safety requirements are met or exceeded by our products.
Free Sample Support
JASIONLED provides not only the highest caliber items but also a free sample program. This enables you to test out your options before to making a purchase, helping you to become more familiar with them and determine which would be the best choice for your company.
Professional Technical Support
Certified experts who are familiar with our products make up our tech support staff. Any queries you may have regarding their use or function may be addressed by them. Additionally, they are happy to assist you in resolving any problems you have with your gadget.
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