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JASIONLED: The Most Trusted Name in LED Display Industry

For over two decades, JASIONLED has been a trailblazer in Portable LED Video Wall development & manufacturing. Our expertise lies in providing comprehensive one-stop LED display solutions to the global clientele, offering top-notch products & services.

The Portable LED Video Walls surpass international standards, boasting certifications such as CE, FCC and ROSH compliance. We proudly hold ISO 9001-2008 certification  from TUV SUD America Inc., USA, reflecting our unwavering commitment to excellence.

A Great Option for Many Applications: Portable LED Video Walls

Portable LED video walls are versatile choice for various applications, due to their lightweight and easy to move design. They excel at trade exhibitions, conference centers, and events where setting up a large, movable screen is essential and for extended use in offices.

These video walls consists of multiple panels that can be creatively combines to achieve the desired size & shape for your presentation. Whether you need a single image or multiple images simultaneously, these panels can display them seamlessly.

True color & unique vision

Extensive Range of Portable LED Video Wall Solutions

JASIONLED provides a wide selection of portable LED video wall solutions. Our products are user-friendly and simple to install thanks to our extensive industry knowledge. Our video walls are long-lasting and constructed from premium materials. If you need a fully unique display, we can also create custom ones for you.


Foldable LED Video Wall

The foldable LED video wall boast a brightness of 6000nits, 62500 dots/m2 pixel density, and a wide 140 degree viewing angle. It stand out feature is its 360 degree foldable design, providing exceptional flexibility for various applications. With a refresh rate pf 3840hz, it ensure smooth video playback. Perfect for dynamic displays & events.

Available Pixel Pitches:

1.2mm to 12mm


Mobile LED Video Wall

Mobile LED video wall is a dynamic outdoor display solution that packs impressive features into a portable design. With a 16:9 aspect ratio, its compatible with standard content formats, while its luminance of 6500nits ensures outstanding visibility even in daylight. The wide 160º viewing angle enhances the audience visual experience. Its IP67 rating can withstand water and dust, reliable for various weather conditions and with a wind rating of 35mph, it is sturdy choice for outdoor events.

Available Pixel Pitches:

3.0, 3.09 4.0, 5.0,6.0, 8.0


Mesh LED Video Wall

The full color mesh LED video wall, boasting a dazzling 6000nits of brightness and a high refresh rate of 3840hz for smooth vide playback. Its design to thrive in extreme temperatures from -20℃ to 50℃ and offers a wide luminous angle of 120° to 180° foe an impressive viewing experience. Perfect for dynamic displays and outdoor events.

Available Pixel Pitches:

3.9,4.0,5.0, 6.0, 6.9, 8.0, 10,12


Curtain LED Video Wall

The curtain LED video wall features a 5500cd/m2 brightness, remarkable 80% transparency, and a pixel density of 25,600 pixels/m2. It offers versatile applications, from close up engagement to long distance visibility, making it ideal for creative displays, architectural integration and dynamic advertising. The curtain LED video wall combines transparency, clarity, and flexibility for captivating visual experiences.

Available Pixel Pitches:

2.0,3.0, 4.0,6.0,7.0,10,12

Indoor Portable LED Video Wall

The indoor portable LED video wall stands out with its remarkable features, a 16bit gray scale for incredibly vibrant and precise color rendering. With a wide viewing angle of 140º horizontally and 160º vertically, it ensures an immersive visual experience from various angles. The impressive refresh rate ranges from 1920 to 3840Hz, guaranteeing smooth and flicker free video playback.

Available Pixel Pitches:

2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6


Portable Outdoor LED Video Wall

The portable outdoor LED wall is a versatile visual display, capable of showcasing text, graphics, images, animations, and videos. It excel with stable, high quality visuals thanks to dynamic scanning technology and top-ties materials. With wide viewing angles, flexible display options, and easy maintenance through a modular design.

Available Pixel Pitches:

2.9, 3.9, 4.8, 6.9

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Round LED Screen

Round LED Screen is a full color display solution with true-color capability. It has a high brightness, high contrast ratio and short response time. Round LED Screen can be used in wide range of applications from advertising to entertainment industry.

Fixed LED Display

Display your company, product, or advertisement with this fixed LED display. The screen is made of a durable plastic and it comes in several different sizes. This LED display can be installed in locations where an impact resistant screen is required, such as toolsheds, carports, and garages.

Custom LED Display

Our LED displays are fashionable and functional. We can alter the size and shape so that your brand is shown in the most expert way possible. From small, portable tabletop displays to high-resolution video screens that cover whole rooms, our custom LED displays come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Totem LED Display

The Totem LED display offers unrivaled image quality and dynamic range, making it the most versatile high brightness display available. Its modular design, featuring numerous inputs, makes it ideal for a wide range of applications.

Cube LED Display

Our Cube LED Displays have many functions including informational, advertising, attention-getting and decorative. They are available in a number of sizes and configuration options that can be used individually or combined together with other units to create a larger screen

Cylinder LED Screen

Cylinder LED Screen is a new product that can display the content of any type of media in 360 degrees as well as in 3D. It combines the advantages of LED screen and cylinder, with its unique design and structure, it can easily be installed on the ceiling, wall or other places according to the needs of customers.

Rear Window LED Display

Rear Window LED Display is a quick-to-install display that can be mounted on the window or door of any truck, boat, or automobile's back side. The display includes a number of images and animations that you may use to personalize your message as well as pre-written text that you can edit as needed.

Outdoor Advertising LED Screen

Outdoor Advertising LED Screen is a new model of outdoor advertising equipment. It is mainly used for the advertisement of high-rise buildings, large shopping malls, airports, squares, bridges and other large-scale outdoor advertising.

JASIONLED: A High-end LED Display Solution Provider

We are a highly trained manufacturer that produces a wide range of portable LED video wall products. Serving a big international clientele, we have been in this industry for more than 20 years.

Our factory operates seven days a week, and we can produce up to 5000m2 of LED displays per day. We use top-notch raw materials to create durable, high-quality LED displays that are easy to use. More than 90 nations and areas have used our products. We also provide specialized services to meet our clients’ needs.

Why Choose JASIONLED as Your Portable LED Video Wall Supplier?

Portable LED video walls have several advantages. Choose JASIONLED as your partner if you’re seeking for a reputable and experienced portable LED video wall supplier. Here are a few explanations:

Any Size Order is Welcome
We welcome any order quantity, and our LED video wall products are all customizable. The video wall can be designed according to your needs and requirements. Moreover, we will offer you a discount if you place a large order.
Timely Delivery Is Our Guarantee
Delivery on time is always guaranteed when working with JASIONLED. No matter how big your order is, our shipments are always delivered on time. We comprehend that it is not an option to wait for a package to come late when you require a portable LED video wall. To ensure that all of our customers can access their orders as soon as possible, we have created a system.
Fast, Reliable, and Expert Service You Can Depend On
At JASIONLED, we take great pride in offering our clients the best possible service. We are aware that you are searching for a supplier of portable LED video walls who can offer you the greatest options at a reasonable cost. Our team works hard to give all of our clients with prompt, dependable, and skilled service so they can concentrate on running their businesses while we handle the rest. Our team is committed to offering you the solutions you require so that you can resume doing what matters – managing your business!
Provides a Complete Operating Manual
JASIONLED will provide a complete operating manual needed to operate the LED video wall. Our technical team is available to assist during the operation of your portable LED video wall.
Guarantee After-sales Support
The greatest after-sales support available in the market is our assurance. We are committed to offering our customers a simple to use and maintain solution. We think that in order for customers to concentrate on what truly matters—their content—they should find it as easy as possible to utilize our solutions.
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