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Boasting a 20 years of industry experience, JASIONLED specialized in crafting high quality control room video walls, Our control room video walls are design to match your specific needs, are top notch in quality and competitively priced.

At JASIONLED, our knowledgeable team is committed to equipping you with optimal control room solutions. Leveraging a one-stop production process, we ensure you receive the first and most affordable control room video wall consistently.

Real-Time Monitoring with Control Room Video Walls

Real-time monitoring is integral to modern operational management, and control room video walls are revolutionizing this aspect. Comprising multiple screens merged into a large display, these video walls enable quick and informed decision-making. By making critical data easily visible.

JASIONLED, a highly experienced provider, specializes in creating superior control room video walls tailored to client needs and competitively priced. Control room video walls are redefining real-time monitoring by facilitating enhanced data visualization and faster insights, driving operational efficiency and becoming indispensable tools in today fast – faced world.

True color & unique vision

Visualizing Big Data with Control Room Solutions



Control room video walls have been around since the 1960s, but their use has increased dramatically over the last decade as more companies have begun to rely on big data to make decisions about their business activities. Companies that have adopted big data analytics are able to make better decisions about their operations because they can analyze vast amounts of information simultaneously and quickly identify trends or patterns that would otherwise be missed by human analysts working alone. This helps them stay competitive and increase profits by making sure they do not miss out on any opportunities that present themselves within their industry or geographic area.

Control Room Video Wall for Security

Control Room Video Wall for Security

A control room video wall is a cutting-edge solution for enhanced surveillance. It featires high resolution, customizable screen and integrate seamlessly with security devices. This system enables rel time monitoring of multiple feesd, alarms and maps, ensuring prompt threat detection and response. With its scalability and comprehensive display capabilities, its a crucial tool for maximizing security in various environments.

Available Pixel Pitches:

2, 5, 8, 16


Control Room Video Wall for Telecom & IT

A specialized control room video wall for the telecom and IT sectors offers seamless integration with high resolution screens. It enables real time monitoring of network status, security alerts, and data feeds, enhancing situational awareness and enabling swift issue response. Its scalability and advanced display capabilities are pivotal for optimizing communication and IT operations, ensuring maximum efficiency and minimal downtime.

Available Pixel Pitches:

2, 4, 5, 8, 16

Control Room Video Wall for Utilities

A utility focused control room video wall offers seamless integration and real time data display on high resolution screens. It enhances situational awareness, allowing operators to monitor multiple feeds, analyze energy paterns, and respond swiftly to emergencies. Its scalability and customized layout optimize utility operations, ensuring stability and reliability in service delivery.

Available Pixel Pitches:

2, 4, 5, 8, 16

Control Room Video Wall for Federal

A control room video wall designed for federal applications offers seamless integration and real time data display on high resolutiom screens. This advanced system enhances monitoring capabilities, enabling swift responses to emergencies and informed decision making. Its customizable layout, scalability and advanced display features ensures comprehensive visibility, making it an indispensable asset for national security crisis, management and decisio making processes.

Available Pixel Pitches:

2mm to 8mm

Control Room Video Wall for Transportation

 A transportation focused control room video wall is a vital asset for ensuring safety & efficiency. Seamlessly integrating with transportation infrastructure, it displays real time data and security infomation on high resolution screens. This system enhances situational awareness, enabling operators to monito traffic patterns, security camera and emergency simultaneously.

Available Pixel Pitches:

5,8, 10,16


Control Room Video Wall for Broadcasting

A control room video wall tailored for broadcasting brings innovation and precision to the world of media production. Seamlessly integrating with broadcasting equipement, this system showcases high quality video feeds nd dynamic graphics on customizable screens. Its intuitive design empowers directors and producers to effortlessly monitor multiple camera angles and live feeds, enhancing creativity and efficiency in the production process.

Available Pixel Pitches:

2, 4, 5, 8, 10, 16

Charting a High Tech Future: JASIONLED's Control Room Video Wall Installations

National Army Command Center

Pixel Pitch: P3.91
Size: 15x2m
Control system: Novastar
Shipping destination: Europe
Working input voltage: 230V

Rengineers Control Room Video Wall

Pixel Pitch: P2.9
Size: 14x2m
Control system: Novastar
Shipping destination: Netherlands
Working input voltage: 230V

Control Room Video Wall for Security

Pixel Pitch: P1.25
Size: 128sqm
Control system: Novastar
Shipping destination: China
Working input voltage: 220V

Control Room Video Wall for Federal 

Pixel Pitch: P1.2
Size: 166.9㎡
Control system: Novastar
Shipping destination: China
Working input voltage: 220V

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Get Ahead of the Game with Our State-of-the-Art Control Room Video Wall Solutions

JASIONLED is dedicated to offering the best products and services to its clients. To ensure that all of our products meet the highest standards, we have a thorough quality management system in place.

We believe that high production capacity guarantees our outstanding delivery capability to meet your market demands. We are confident that we can offer you the finest solution for any project because of our dedication to a customer-focused company culture and mindset.

Investing in the Best Control Room Video Wall: Guide to Considerations and Benefits

Reliability is a major consideration when deciding which control room video wall solution is best. A product will be reliable if it is simple to use, has a low failure rate, and is supported by an effective warranty scheme. The easiest method to guarantee dependability is to pick a business with a long history of operation and a reputation for producing high-quality goods that endure over time.

When selecting a control room video wall, usability is a key factor. The best video walls for control rooms are simple to use and adaptable to your needs.

It is crucial that the control room video wall be simple to set up and use because you will be utilizing it every day. The system shouldn’t need you to spend much time learning how to use it or figuring out how to make it work better for you.

Identification and organization of all the content that will be shown on a video wall is done through the process of content mapping. For each separate sort of content, this covers the size, resolution, and format. Understanding how the material will be mapped is crucial when constructing your video wall. To do this, you must consider two factors: the types of material that will be presented and the amount of space that each category demands.

Access management is a crucial part of any control room video wall deployment. Without proper access management, it can be difficult to determine who has the right to access the video wall and what they are able to do with it.

You will need to make sure that each user has their own login information that allows them access to the system without having to give them administrative privileges or root access on the server itself. This ensures that everyone’s needs are met without compromising security or efficiency.

You may control your video wall via remote control from a distance thanks to this capability. This is crucial if you want to set your video wall somewhere where nobody will be able to view it except for someone who will be there constantly. The video wall can be adjusted remotely in terms of size, direction, and orientation.

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