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Our products include LED video wall, LED display board, LED billboard display, and other related display equipments. We provide not only one-stop service from R&D to production but also customized service to meet different customers’ requirements. There are many kinds of uses for the led video wall system: like hotel lobby displays; shopping mall displays; exhibition hall displays; transportation terminal displays; airport displays; museums displays; stadiums

Dynamic Interactive LED Wall

The dynamic interactive LED wall is a display that may be used for a variety of purposes, including advertising and education. An external computer or microcontroller may individually operate each of the LED screen’s pixels, which are arranged in an array. The user can easily and rapidly make whatever image they want thanks to this.

The biggest benefit of an interactive led wall is how adaptable it is and how many diverse uses it can serve. Additionally, anyone may set one up whenever they want because it doesn’t require any specialized tools or training to utilize it. Advantages: These displays have a number of advantages, but their main drawback is that it costs a lot of money to buy them and that it takes a lot of room for them to work properly.

True color & unique vision

Interactive LED Walls: Bridging Gaps and Inspiring Connections

The JASIONLED interactive LED wall, available in a range of features and sizes, can be controlled with voice and hand gestures. It is perfect for presentations, installations and events because it responds both to music and visuals. Use it at parties, festivals, concerts and other events to give your guests an immersive experience.


Interactive LED Walls for Entertainment Industry

Interactive LED walls are revolutionizing the entertainment industry by offering versatile, visually striking displays that adapt seamlessly to any stage or venue. Their ability to process digital video content ensures stunning, real time visuals, while multi user interaction foster engagement. Whether used in concerts, theater, or live events, these walls bridge the gap between artistry experience that captivate and redefine entertainment in digital age.

Available Pixel Pitches:

2mm to 10mm


Interactive LED Walls for Enterprise

Interactive LED walls redefine enterprise communication, offering adaptable, hogh-definition displays that captivate in conference rooms, lobbies, and showrooms. With real-tine interactivity and digital video processing, they enhance presentations, fostering collaboration and innovations, signaling a commitment to modern communication and elevated engagement in the croporate world.

Available Pixel Pitches:

1.2mm to 10mm


Interactive LED Walls for Brands

Interactive LED walls redefine branding, delivering dynamic, immersive experiences in diverse settings. With the power to process digital video content, they turn marketing inyto high-impact narratives. These walls engage customers actively, fostering brand loyalty and leaving lasting impressions. 

Available Pixel Pitches:

2mm to 6mm


Interactive LED Walls for Shopping Center

Interactive LED walls in shopping centers revolutionize the retail experience with captivating visuals and real time updates. From digital directories to engaging advertisements, they redefine shopping journeys, making each visit memorable. These walls are at the forefront of the shopping center, forging connections and elevating the overall experience.

Available Pixel Pitches:

3mm to 8mm

Interactive LED walls for Architecture

Interactive LED Walls for Architecture

Interactive LED walls blend architecture with high-resolution LED displays, enabling interactivity, dynamic visuals, and ambient lighting. They inform, enhance aesthetics, and offer artistic freedom while customizing to architectural needs, making spaces immersive and engaging.

Available Pixel Pitches:

1mm to 8mm


Interactive LED Walls for Education

Interactive LED walls for education are immersive learning tools that combine advanced LED display technology with interactive features. These installations enable hands-on, collaborative learning by displaying diverse educational content while allowing students to interact directly with the information. Educators can customize the content to fit different subjects and teaching styles, making them adaptable for various educational settings.

Available Pixel Pitches:

1.5mm to 6mm

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Curved LED Wall

The curve LED wall is a high performance display with a 3840Hz refresh rate, ensuring smooth video playback. It boasts a remarkable brightness of 5500cd, making it suitable for outdoor use or well-lit indoor environments where visibility is crucial.

Flexible LED Wall

The flexible LED wall offers a 1/32 scan mnode, a long lifespan of 100,000hrs, a sharp 3840Hz resolution, and a high brightness of 5500cd, making it ideal for versatile and long lasting visual display. Whether for creative installations or dynamic digital signage, this flexible LED wall offers durability and performance.

Indoor LED Wall

The indoor LED wall offers exceptional quality with 250,000 pixels per sqm, a bright 5500cd display, 14-bit gray scale for accurate colors, and a flexible refresh rate ranging from 1920 to 3840Hz, making it perfect for indoor settings with high resolution and dynamic content needs.

Wedding LED Wall

The wedding LED wall offers a resolution of 128x128 dots, a long 100,000 hr lifespan, and a bright 5500cd display. It includes a 3 year warranty and operates with 1/16 scan mode, making it perfect for creating stunning wedding visuals and backdrops.

Transparent LED Wall

The transparent LED wall is a cutting-edge display solution. It offers a brightness of 3500cd/m2for clear visuals. With a 1/16 scan mode, it ensures smooth content playback. The pixel density is impressive, with 32,873 dots per sqm, making it great for applications where clarity and transparency are essentions, such as retail displays or architectural installations.

Outdoor LED Wall

The outdoor LED wall is a high performance display built for outdoor environments. It features a bright 7000cd display, ensuring excellent visibility even in sunlight. With a refresh rate of 3840Hz, it offers smooth and seamless video playback. The impressive 16-bit grey scale delivers precise and detailed image quality.

LED Poster

The LED poster is a versatile display solution with full color capabilities. It boast an impressive pixel matrix of 288,888 pixels per sqm, ensuring sharp and vibrant visuals. With a brightness of 5500cd, it delivers eye catching content in various lighting conditions. Operating in a 1/43 scan mode, it offers smooth image rendering. This LED poster is perfect for dynamic advertising and promotions in retail spaces and other high-visibility locations.

Transparent LED Poster

The transparent LED poster is an innovative display solution with a module resolution of 128x16dots. It offers excellent transparency of 80% transmittance, allowing viewers to see through the display. The brightness of 4000cd ensures that the content remains visible in varying lighting conditions.

JASIONLED: Professional, Practical and Innovative

JASIONLED offers innovative solutions for Novastar, LINSN, Colorlight, Huidu, Kystar, Mooncell, Xixun & other LED Control Systems. With its own advanced production machines, we has the ability to deliver rapid and reliable LED Displays.

JASIONLED has invested heavily in state-of-the-art LED display equipment, which enables us to provide you with LED display products of the highest quality. 

From Pixels for Perfection: The Manufacturing Process of an Interactive LED Wall


LED panels are manufactured separately. This involves assembling LED chips onto PCB’S (Printed Circuit Boards) and encapsulating them with protective materials. Quality control checks ensure that each panel meets the required standard.


Sensors, cameras and touch sensetive surfave are integrated into the structure. These elements enable user interaction, such as touch geture or motion sensing.


LED panels and interactive components are assembled into the final structure according to the design plans. Precise alignment is crucial to ensure a seamless visual display.


Wiring is carefully routed to connect all LED panels and interactive components to control system. Power supplies, control boards, and data connections are set uo for proper functionality.


The interactive LED wall undergoes extensive testing to ensure all pixels are functioning correctly, interactivity features are responsive, and there are no defects in the display or electronics.

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