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JASIONLED believes in providing the best outdoor LED walls. With 20 years of experience, we have established a reputation for outstanding stable quality and outstanding customer service. Our LED wall screen display outdoors are backed by a 3-year warranty, assuring you of the best quality.

We offer worldwide LED display solutions and have already served over 10000 projects globally.

Outdoor LED Walls for Your Next Event

The most effective way to showcase a business or message to a wide audience outdoors is through the use of outdoor LED walls. These versatile screens can be utilized at a variety of events including sports games, concerts, festivals, corporate gatherings and weddings.

Outdoor LED walls are particularly well-suited for large gatherings or venues that demands the projection of high quality content on a grand scale. They can be employed independently or in combination with other cutting-edge LED technologies such as LED viodeo walls, LED ribbons, and more, to create captivating visual experience.

True color & unique vision

Reliable and Professional Outdoor LED Walls

Video, images, and other content can be displayed in public spaces quite well on LED walls. They are an excellent option for cafes and bars, shops, trade exhibitions, museums, concerts, and other venues. Outdoor LED walls provide numerous advantages over interior displays, including high durability, the ability to be utilized in any weather, ease of maintenance and transportation, and a long lifespan.


P10 Outdoor LED Wall

The P10 Outdoor LED Wall features a 10mm pixel pitch, providing clear and vibrant visuals. Witha brightness of 6500cd/sqm, it ensures excellent visibility even in outdoor environments. The can mode is st up to 1/4, offering smooth and high quality image rendering. With an IP67 rating, its designed to withstand outdoor conditions.

Available Pixel Pitches:


Outdoor Transparent LED Wall

The outdoor transparent LED wall boast an impressive pixeldensity of 32768 dots/sqm, ensuring sharp and detailed visuals. With a wide viewing angle of 140 desgress, it provides excellent visibility from various perspectives. The high color depth of 65536 ensures rich and vibrant colors.

Available Pixel Pitches:

4, 5, 6, 8, 10


P8 Outdoor LED Wall Display

The P8 outdoor LED wall display offers a brightness of 5000cd, ensuring clear visibility event in bright outdoor environments. With IP67 waterproff rating, it is well protected against dust and water, making it suitable for outdoor installation. It impressive service life of 1000,000 hours ensures long lasting performance.

Available Pixel Pitches:


P5 Outdoor LED Wall

The P5 outdoor LED wall featuresna 5mm pixel pitch for hig-resolution visuals. It boast a brightness of 6000cd, ensuring excellent visibility in outdoor settings. With a refresh rate of 3840Hz, it offers smooth and flicker free content playback. The scan mode is set to 1/16, providing high wuality image rendering.

Available Pixel Pitches:



P3 Outdoor LED Wall

The p3 outdoor LED wall dazzles with 3mm pixel pitch, 65536 dots/sqm resolution, 7000cd brightness, and a rapid 3840Hz refresh rate. Ideal for outdoor use, it delivers stunning visuals with exceptional clarity and vibracy, making it perfect for advertising and events.

Available Pixel Pitches:



Outdoor LED Advertising Wall

The outdoor LED advertising wall is designed for vibrant and eye catching displays. With a resolution of 16,384 dots, it delivers stunning visuals. Its impressive refresh rate of 1920 to 380Hz esures smoot and flicker free content. Plus, with a lifespan of 100000 hours, its a durable and reliable solution for outdoor advertising.

Available Pixel Pitches:

4, 5, 6, 8, 10

Transforming Spaces with JASIONLED's Outdoor LED Wall Installations

Outdoor LED Wall for a Fan Zone

Pixel Pitch: P8mm
Size: 36.86 m²
Control system: Novastar
Shipping destination: Qatar
Working input voltage: 220V

Outdoor LED Advertising Wall

Pixel Pitch: P10mm
Size: 9.6 + 4.8 X 4.8m
Control system: Novastar
Shipping destination: Oman
Working input voltage: 220V

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Church LED Wall

A church led wall is a customized visual display for houses of worship, offering high resolution and brightness in variable sizes. It displays religious and multimedia content, with flexible installation options and aspect ratios. Use friendly control and simplify management and built for durability.

Wedding LED Wall

a wedding LED wall is a visual centerpiece at weddings, offering high resolution screens to display customized graphics, photos, videos and live streams. It adds elegance and charm to the celebration, matching the wedding theme and décor, and comes in various sizes to suit different venues, enhancing the overall guest experience.

LED Standee

An LED Standee is a freestanding display with high resolution LED screen used for dynamic advertising and information. They come in various sizes and shapes and commonly used in retail, events, and public spaces to engage audiences with eye-catching visuals and messages.

LED Poster

An LED poster is a modern and versatile digital display solution that replaces traditional static posters. It consists of an LED screen that can showcase dynamic content such as videos, images and animations. LED posters are commonly used for advertising and promotional purposes in retail store, malls, airports and various puiblic places.

Commercial LED Display

A commercial LED display is a versatile and durable large screen solution for advertising and information dissemination in commercial settings. Utilizing ebery efficient LED technology, these displays offer high resolution and exceptional brightness, making them ideal for outdoor use.

Transparent LED Poster

A transparent LED poster is a display that combines a see-through LED screen with the appearance of traditional poster. It shows content while maintaining visibility through the screen, making it ideal for engaing displays in retail, advertising amd information settings.

Mobile LED Display

A mobile LED display is a portable electronic screen equipped with LED technology that can be easily transported and set up in various locations. These displays are commonly mounted on vehicles, trailers or containers making them mobile and versatile for advertising, events and outdoor promotions.

Taxi Top LED Display

A taxi top LED display is a digital advertising screen installed on the roof of a taxi cab. These displays use LED technology to show advertisements, videos or messages to passerby and other drivers on the road. They are a popular and eye catching form of mobile advertising, allowing businesses to promote thier products and services as taxis travel through urban areas.

State-of-the-art Outdoor LED Wall Solutions

At JASIONLED, we understand that quality assurance is the foundation of any successful business. That’s why we have made significant investments in cutting-edge production machinery, including a fully automated SMT Machine and Peak/Reflow Welding Machine.

Our commitment to qualit begins with a careful selction of raw materials and extends through production, assembly, aging testing and final quality checks. At every stage, we uphold rigorous standards to ensure that we deliver products of the highest quality while maintaining competitive LED wall screen display outdoor price.

Outdoor LED Walls Technical Considerations

Aim for a minimum brightness of 5000nits and consider models that can reach up to 10,000nits for optimal visibility in various lighting conditions.

Ensure the LED wall has an appropriate IP (Ingress Protection) rating, such as IP65 or IP67, to protect against dust and water, making it suitable for outdoor environment.


Higher pixel density, measured in dots or pixels per square meter (dots/sqm or pixels/sqm), results in sharper and more details visuals, especially for closer viewing distance.


Surface-Mount Device (SM) LED technology typically offers better brightness, color consistency, and reliability compared to Dual In-line package (DIP) LEDs. Consider SMD for superior performance.


Choose the LED wall size based on your specific installation requirements and available space. Consider factor like viewing distance and the impact you want to create.

Select the aspect ratio that suits your content and display needs. Common ratios include 16:9 for standard video content. 2:1 for square and 4:3 for more traditional content.


Ground Supported
Suitable for displays directly place on the ground.
Wall Mounted
Attached to a building or structure
Suspended in the air using rigging equipment
Truss Supported
Supported by truss system, often used in event set up.
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