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Since 2003, JASIONLED has been established as a professional manufacturer of shop LED display products with more than 300 workers. Our factory covers an area of 8000 square meters and is located in the city of Shenzhen, China.

We put high quality first when we design our products, so that you can be confident in the service you receive when working with us. Our shop led display are available in numerous sizes, shapes, and colors to meet your specific needs.

Shop LED Displays: A Smart Investment for Your Business

Enhance a product showcase and elevates company image with our cutting-edge LED display for shop. These versatile displays seamlessly fit into any setting. Tailor choices from a diverse selection of sizes & style, catering to your specific needs, whether its retail store of business applications.

Discover our wide range of Shop LED Displays, perfect for creating visually captivating shop floor displays or striking store’s focal points. With our custom design services, you can craft a unique atmosphere that ensures your display stands out distinctly, leaving a lasting impression.

True color & unique vision

Enhance Your Retail Business with a Shop LED Display

Shop LED displays are the ideal approach to grab visitors’ attention and persuade them to buy. They are also a great way to advertise sales and discounts. Any element of your store, including the front window, the cash wrap, or even the floor, can use LED display screen for shop. You can pick one that exactly fits your space because they come in a variety of sizes and shapes.


Indoor LED Video Wall

Transform any indoor space with advanced indoor LED video walls tailored for retail spaces. Crafted to enhance store ambiance, these video walls deliver stunning visuals, vibrant colors, and seamless integration. Engage with dynamic advertisements and promotions, leaving a lasting impression. The indoor LED video wall is for shops settings is perfect solution to maker a store visually appealing and draw customers in.

Available Pixel Pitches:

2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5


LED Poster

 The sleek LED poster combines utra thin design with versatile USB or network connectivity. Can be hand from the ceiling, place it on the floor, or mount it on the wall. Captivate customers with vibrant visuals and dynamic content, ensuring your shop stands out. Upgrade your advertising effortlessly and leave a lasting impression with the LED poster.

Available Pixel Pitches:

1.25, 1.56, 1.875, 2, 2.5

Totem LED Display

The totem LED display is a powerhouse of visual impact. With a high brightness, a wide 140º viewing angle, and IP67 rating for durability, it ensures clear, vibrant content even in challenging conditions. Operating at a rapid 3840hz refresh rate, it delivers seamless visuals. Its remote controlled for effortless management and quick intallation. Making it ideal choice for impactful displays.

Available Pixel Pitches:

1.25, 1.56, 1.875, 2, 2.5

Transparent LED Poster

The transparent LED poster is a fusion of technology and aesthetics. Boasting 5500nits brightness, 60% transparency, and a swift 1920hz refresh rate, it offers captivating visuals while allowing a background elements to shine through. With a wide 120º viewing angle, content remains vivid in various perspectives. Its impressive 100,000 hour lifespan ensures enduring, impactful displays.

Available Pixel Pitches:

0.6, 0.7, 0.9, 1.2, 1.56, 2

shop led display - Advertising LED Video Wall

Advertising LED Video Wall

Advertising LED video walls are a key to captivating and engaging visual displays. With high resolution screens and vibrant colors. Designe specifically for retail spaces, these high resolution displays ensure the products and promotions shines brightly. Easy to install and manage, this video wall transform a shop into a visually stunning and engaging space.

Available Pixel Pitches:

2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5

Shelf LED Display

Shelf LED displau is perfect for retail spaces. With a wide 120º viewing angle, 600nits brightness, and a 16bit grayscale, it ensures stunning product displays. The super slim design offers seamless integration, and multiple installation modes providing versatility. It is also hassle free with plug&play functionality and various connection options (HDMI, Wifi, USB & cable). Elevate the shops presentation wffortlessly with the shelf LED display.

Available Pixel Pitches:

0.6, 0.7, 0.9, 1.2, 1.56, 2


Transparent LED Window Display

The transparent LED video display is a revolution in visual technology. With a dazzling brightness of 5500nits and 80% transparency, it seamlessly blends stunning visuals with the environment. The rapid 3840hz refresh rate ensures smooth, lifelike motion. Its lightweight, compact design offers easy installation, while being energy efficient and robust, making it ideal for various application into the shop.

Available Pixel Pitches:

0.6, 0.7, 0.9, 1.2, 1.56, 2


Flexible LED Video Wall

The flexible LED video wall is adaptable , free shape design allows for creative displays, providing a unique visual experience. With simple installation & maintenance, high contrast ration, 4k video capabilities, and high refresh rate deliver stunning visuals. The wide 140º viewing angle ensures every customer gets a perfect view. Elevate a shops atmosphere and captivate audience with state-of-the-art fleible LED video wall.

Available Pixel Pitches:

0.6, 0.7, 0.9, 1.2, 1.56, 2


Curved LED Wall

The curved LED wall has a rapid 3840hz refresh rate, 5500nits brightness for vibrant displays, bezel free design offering seamless visuals, and 24/7 usage capability. Enjoy hassle free operation with auto color & brightness adjustment, wide 178º viewing angle, and multiple inputs (USB,HDMI,VGA,DVI) for versatile connectivity. Transfor shops ambiance and captivate with curved LED walls.

Available Pixel Pitches:

0.9375, 1.25, 1.667, 1.818, 2


Banner LED Display

The banner LED displays for shops has an impressive brightness of 6000nits, it ensures the content shines eben in the brightness environments, delivering clear and sharp visuals that capture attention. This display offers multiple resolutions, catering to various content needs and creating impactful displays. Itsfront design simplies maintenance, allowing for easy access and quick adjustments. Transform a shops promotional efforts with the high performance banner LED display.

Available Pixel Pitches:

2.5, 3, 3.9, 4.4, 4.8, 6.67, 8, 10

JASIONLED'sShop LED Display Innovation

Transparent LED Window Display

Pixel Pitch: P3.9mm
Size: 2 x 2 sqm
Control system: Novastar
Shipping destination: Netherland
Working input voltage: 220V

Indoor LED Video Wall

Pixel Pitch: P4mm
Size: 4 x 2m
Control system: Novastar
Shipping destination: Spain
Working input voltage: 220V

Banner LED Display

Pixel Pitch: P2.5mm
Size: 1.28 x 0.32m
Control system: Novastar
Shipping destination: Madrid
Working input voltage: 220V

LED Poster Display

Pixel Pitch: P3mm
Size: 576*1920mm
Control system: Novastar
Shipping destination: Singapore
Working input voltage: 220V

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Interactive LED Floor Screen

Interactive LED Floor Screen is a new generation of advertisements that uses the latest technology in LED display and 3D animations. The screen can be used for product launching and promotion, as well as for live entertainment shows.

Trade Show LED Display

Use the Trade Show LED Display to draw attention to your brand. This display is a striking addition to any event due to its brilliant color, remarkable resolution, and spectacular brightness. You can carry and install it fast because to its lightweight construction and simple setup.

Airport LED Display

Our Airport LED Display is a mixture of brightness and functionality. The bright, colorful display is engineered to be both eye-catching to grab attention as well as informative so that customers can easily find their way.

Church LED Video Wall

Church LED Video Wall is designed for churches, religious venues, school auditoriums and other entertainment spaces. It is a bold, inventive way to bring your message to life.

Wedding LED Video Wall Screen

Create an unforgettable experience with a stunning video wall display. Perfect for receptions or events, it’s the ultimate way to show off your greatest memories over and over again.

Front Access LED Display

A form of LED display that can be completely accessed from the front is known as a "front access LED display." Open front cabinet, two side cabinet LED displays, an outside front service LED module, and an inside led display coupled with a magnet

JASIONLED: The Top Choice for High-Quality LED Shop Displays and More

JASIONLED has won a reputation in the global market, aiming to be a “worldwide LED display solution provider”. With 20 years of experience assurance, JASIONLED can provide you with the best LED display products with outstanding stable quality. With all the most advanced production machines, strict testing equipment, and excellent quality. 3 years warranty and 5% LED module spare parts.

Our LED display board for shop are dependable, effective, and long-lasting. Our team is here to assist you pick the best product for your needs from among the many options we offer.

Grow Your Business with JASIONLED's Cutting-Edge Products and Support

Creating, producing, and supplying shop LED displays is the area of expertise of JASIONLED. We are devoted to offering our clients superior service. You can choose the ideal product for your venture or company with the aid of our team of specialists. We take great satisfaction in our capacity to provide premium goods at reasonable costs.

Free Sample Support
We offer free samples to distributors so they can try and assess our items before making a larger investment. We provide free samples because we recognize how crucial it is for you to be able to observe firsthand what your clients are going through when they utilize your items.
Professional Technical Support
For the assistance you require in expanding your business, JasionLED’s technical support staff is available around-the-clock. Whether it’s checking sure your lighting system is operating properly or aiding in troubleshooting, if necessary, our team of specialists is available to help you with any issue that might arise during installation or use. Additionally, we’ll teach you technical maintenance skills so you can keep your systems up and running.
Free Design Assistance and 3 Years Warranty
JasionLED offers free design assistance and a three-year warranty to all of our customers. We work hard to make sure you receive what you require when you require it because we want you to be able to expand your business with the least amount of bother possible.
Highest Quality & Leading LED Technology
Our LED displays are created using a special technology, exclusive materials, and skilled craftsmanship. Professionals that comprehend how crucial it is to deliver the greatest product feasible for each client assemble each LED display.
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