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JASIONLED, a professional and reliable P3 LED screen manufacturer and supplier, is committed to providing One-Stop LED Display Solutions. Our team has extensive experience in the LED display industry, with over 20 years of research, development, and manufacturing. We are able to produce and sell various P3 LED screen products. All our P3 LED screens are CE, EMC, FCC, and RoHS-approved.

Our team consists of expert engineers with years of experience in LED display manufacturing. We have a strong reputation in this market since our customers know they can rely on us to provide high-quality items on time and at affordable p3 LED screen price.

Enhance Visibility and Brand Awareness with the P3 LED Display Module

The P3 LED display is a 3mm led screen module is built to grab attention with a vivid, bright display that’s easy to read across all distances, even beyond the store itself. And with a viewing angle of 120 degrees, customers will be able to see it from all sides.

A lower pixel pitch means that each individual pixel has less space between it and its neighbors—users are more likely to notice that type of clarity. By increasing visibility and brand awareness, you can reach broader customers who may not have otherwise noticed a given product or promotion.

Partnering with the Best: Our Commitment to High-Quality Materials

JASIONLED strives to be the best, and that includes the standards of our business partners. All materials we use in our products are from renowned companies. Our LED chips are from Nationstar, Kinglight, Nichia, Cree, and Epistar. The controllers we use are from LINSN, NOVASTAR, COLORLIGHT, HUIDU, and KYSTAR. We have long-term partnerships with all of these companies and know they will provide high-quality products for all of our clients.

True color & unique vision

Creating Stunning Visuals with P3 LED Screen Technology

Beautiful graphics can be made with P3 LED screen technology. The P3 color gamut is significantly more than merely an improvement over the sRGB standard that is typically used in panels. It’s a significant advancement that can assist you in producing graphics that are more realistic, colorful, and interesting for your audience.


P3 Outdoor LED Screen

The P3 outdoor LED screen utilizes SMD2525 LED lamps to deliver vibrant visuals. With a remarkable brightness of 7000nits, it ensures clear and vivid display even in bright outdoor environments. The screen boast a refresh rate of 3840hz, providing smooth and flicker-free content. With a 16 bit grayscale, it offers detailed and nuached images. Ideal for viewers positioned beyond 3meters, this LED screen guarantees impressive outdoor visual experience.


P3 Indoor LED Display Board

The P3 indoor LED display board offers a vivid visuals with its 1200nits brightness and 3840hz refresh rate, ensuring seamless viewing experience in well-lit indoor spaces. With an impressive grascale of 65,536 shades per peimary color and pixel density of 111,111 dots/m2, it delivers accurate color reproduction and sharp, detailed images, its energy efficient 1/32 drive mode makes it ideal for various indoor applications.


P3 Indoor Flexible LED Display

The P3 indoor flexible LED display offers impressive visual capabilities. With a pixel density of 111,111dots/sqm and a 1/32 scan drive mode, it ensures sharp and detailed images. The brightness of 2500cd/sqm, adjustable to suit different environments, guarantees clear visibility. It is suitable for various viewing distance ranging from 3-30m, thanks to its wide viewing angle of 140º. The high refresh rate of 3840hz provides smooth and flicker free content playback.


P3 Advertising LED Display Screen

The P3 advertising LED screen boast a high pixel density of 111,111 dots/m2, ensuring detailed and vibrant visuals. Operating with a 1/32 scan mode, it provides efficient display of 1200cd/sqm and a refresh rate of 3840hz, the screen delivers clear and smooth content playback, making it ideal ofr adevrtising purposes. Notably, its front maintenance design simplifies upkeep, enhancing convenience for users managing the display.


P3 Indoor Rental LED Display

The P3 indoor rental LED display is a versatile and portable solution for various indoor events and presentation. With a pixel pitch of 3mm, it delivers high quality visual suitable for short viewing distances. Its compact and lightweight design makes it easy to transport and set up for temporary events. The LED display offers clear and vibrant images, ensuring an engaging viewing experience. Its rental friendly features enable quick installation and dismantling.

P3 Fixed LED Screen

The P3 fixed LED screen features a 1R1G1B LED configuration, ensuring a balanced and vibrant color display. With a brightness of 6000cd/sqm, it delivers clear visuals even in well lit environments. The screen offers a grayscale of 14 bits, providing nuanced and detailed color variations for a more realistic viewing experience. Its refresh rate of 1920hz ensures smooth and flicker free content playback, making it suitable for various applications where image quality is crucial.

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P5 LED Display

A low-cost, simple-to-use display that works well in any setting is the P5 LED Display. Retail establishments, lobbies, and other places can use the P5. Even though it is little and won't take up much space, it is bright enough to be seen from across the room.

Cube LED Video Wall

A high-performance video wall system with a straightforward and sophisticated design is the Cube LED Video Wall. The Cube LED Video Wall can be readily changed to fit any space and offer the ideal backdrop for your visual content thanks to its modular architecture and versatile mounting choices.

Transparent LED Video Wall

A transparent, see-through video wall is produced via a technology called the Transparent LED Video Wall using LEDs. Large, high-resolution screens made possible by this technology can be found in public places like malls and airports.

Flexible LED Video Wall

It is made of high brightness LED display modules and aluminum alloy frame, which can be installed in any shape and size, so it can be used for advertising, business presentation, entertainment in the mall and so on.

Advertising LED Wall

The LED wall is ideal for a variety of locations, including restaurants, hotels, airports, and retail malls. For companies seeking for a more economical advertising solution, it's a terrific choice because it's simple to install and maintain.

Church LED Video Wall

Sermons, music videos, and other content are displayed on the church's LED video wall, which is a sizable screen. To display sermons, announcements, and special events, churches of various sizes can employ an LED video wall.

Portable LED Video Wall

The Portable LED Video Wall is a versatile video wall that is lightweight, portable, and simple to construct. The system is made up of a number of panels, each of which has an integrated controller and driver board.

360 LED Screen

A 360 LED Screen is a sizable LED display that enables the 360-degree projection of material. Its circular arrangement of connected LED modules, which enable the screen to display images from all sides, permits it to do so.


As a top producer of premium LED lighting products, JASIONLED is dedicated to excellence in everything we do. With every new product and every interaction with our customers, partners, and staff, our basic principles serve as the engine that propels us forward. Our principles are:

At JASIONLED, we’re dedicated to giving our clients a top-notch product and experience. All of our customers are treated with respect and dignity, and we work hard to go above and beyond their expectations by being accessible when they need us, soliciting their honest opinions about our goods and services, and streamlining the ordering process.
At JASIONLED, we believe that maintaining competitiveness requires innovation. We work hard to stay on the cutting edge of technology and are constantly searching for ways to make our products and services better.
We have put in place a strict Quality Assurance program because we are dedicated to giving you the best goods and services. JASIONLED’s team is committed to giving you outstanding service in all facets of our business because we understand that our success depends on your contentment.
The best approach for us to gain our clients’ trust and loyalty, which enables us to gradually expand our business, is by offering exceptional service. We constantly go above and beyond what is required of us. We want you to be free to concentrate on your business’s goals and objectives, which are what really count.
Each member of the JASIONLED team is an integral part of our success. We thrive on teamwork, and we believe that collaboration is key to our continued growth. Our team works together to accomplish incredible things—and it’s all because of our commitment to each other and our shared vision for the future.
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