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JASIONLED is a top technology company. We focus on making and selling advanced LED display modules and screens. Our success is driven by our large research and development system and a production base covering over 8,000 square meters. Over 120 bright people work for us, and we’re proud of their contribution to our success.

We at JASIONLED make our operations more efficient. We work with top-level suppliers, choose the best materials, and produce LED display modules on a large scale. This approach ensures our products remain highly competitive in the market.

Enhance Your Outdoor Experience with the P3 Outdoor LED Display

The P3 Outdoor LED display is a versatile outdoor solution. It has a 3mm pixel pitch, high brightness of 5,000 to 7,500 nits, and an adjustable angle from 0 to 90 degrees. It can be used in direct sunlight up to 3 meters away. The light has a strong frame made of aluminum and steel. The top and bottom frames are made of die-cast aluminum.

The P3 Outdoor LED display offers exceptional visibility and color reproduction capabilities. The resolution is 16-bit, and it supports 281 trillion colors. Each primary color has 65,536 shades. Its adjustable brightness levels allows users to control their visual experience.

True color & unique vision

High Brightness and High Resolution P3 Outdoor LED Screen

The P3 Outdoor LED Module is a high-brightness, high-contrast outdoor LED display with a 3.0mm pixel pitch. The display excels in brightness, ensuring clear visuals even in bright outdoor settings. It is lightweight and easy to install, and can withstand various weather conditions while providing vivid color reproduction. This versatile and resilient solution effectively captivates audiences outdoors.


P3 Outdoor LED Display

P3 Outdoor LED Displays can be used for outdoor advertising, sports stadiums and large-scale events. They include brilliant colors, durability, and the capacity to resist various weather conditions, making them perfect for showing dynamic information.

P3 LED Video Walls

P3 LED video walls consist of high-resolution, flexible, and durable display systems that use 3mm pixel pitch LEDs. The P3 displays provide vibrant visuals, high brightness, and energy efficiency. They are commonly used in retail, broadcast and events as well as digital signage applications.


P3 LED Billboards

P3 LED billboards are high-resolution outdoor displays that feature 3mm pixel pitch LED technology. They offer vibrant colors, sharp image quality, and real-time content updates. These energy-efficient billboards capture attention with dynamic visuals.


P3 LED Scoreboards

P3 LED scoreboards are high-resolution, electronic displays used in sports events to provide clear visuals and enhance the spectator experience. They provide customizability and durability while also being energy efficient.


P3 Rental LED Displays

P3 rental LED displays are high-quality, lightweight, and modular LED panels used for temporary installations. With a small pixel pitch, they offer clear visuals even at close distances. These displays are easy to set up and dismantle, and provide flexible content options.


P3 Outdoor LED Panels for Stadiums

Stadiums employ P3 outdoor LED panels because of their excellent resolution and visibility in direct sunshine. Sharp images with a 3-millimeter pixel pitch can be seen from a distance of 3 to 15 meters. They are excellent for outdoor use due to their high brightness, quick refresh rate, and specialized control system.

Transforming Outdoor Spaces: JASIONLED's P3 Outdoor LED Screen Projects

P3 Outdoor LED Screen – School Square

Pixel Pitch: P3.00
Size: H800mm x W1120mm
Resolution: W1728 x H960
Control system: Novastar
Shipping destination: Australia
Working input voltage: 220V

P3 Outdoor LED Billboard

Pixel Pitch: P3.00
Size: W2.56 x H1.6m (double sided)
Resolution: W1728 x H960
Control system: Novastar
Shipping destination: USA
Working input voltage: 220V

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Outdoor LED Advertising

Outdoor LED advertising offers an opportunity for your brand to grow. Outdoor Advertising is a unique medium with millions of impressions every day. This creates an unparalleled experience for customers, thus generating lasting memories for your brand.

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Professional P3 Outdoor LED Display Manufacturer for Outstanding Service

With 20 years of expertise, JASIONLED is a well-known LED display manufacturer established in China. They provide a wide variety of high-brightness LED display devices, such as sports video walls and outdoor advertising panels. JASIONLED focuses heavily on client happiness and offers prompt and excellent services like technical support, advice, and training.

JASIONLED’s products are certified to be in compliance with CE, ROHS, UL, CUL, FCC, C-tick and KC standards. The company’s LED displays have gained widespread recognition and usage in Europe, North America, East Asia, Australia and other regions.


7 comprehensive tests were conducted, including Aging, RGB, Scan, Brightness, Refresh rate, Shockproof, and Waterproof assessments. The testing process involved material examination at different stages: SMT, before glue and masks, module aging, and a final 72-hour aging test for finished products.
We offer direct pricing without intermediaries, providing a 3% to 10% price advantage while maintaining the same high quality. Our focus on competitive pricing and commitment to delivering superior quality products fosters long-term relationships with our clients.
Our team of well-trained and experienced staff is dedicated to providing fluent English support, answering all your questions. Experience the convenience of round-the-clock online assistance!"
Our stock of raw materials ensures the quickest delivery time for standard LED displays. Typically, we can fulfill orders within 7-15 days for varying quantities.
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