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JasionLED is a manufacturer of LED billboards for sale for a variety of applications such as event stages, exhibition fairs, real estate, advertising, bank, TV station, retail hospitality, concert, church, buildings, commercial centers, restaurants, supermarkets, airports, and so on. We are founded in 2003 by a team dedicated to the led display market.

JasionLED builds and maintains deep trust with our customers, vendors, and team members by operating with honesty, respect, excellence, and empathy. JasionLED, believing in client orientation, is constantly engaged in providing high-quality services through our work. With gratitude to all of our clients globally, we will continue to grow steadily to serve you better.

JasionLED- Wholesale LED Billboard and LED Signage

With over two decades of industry expertise, JASIONLED is the leading provider of wholesale LED billboard and signage items. We prioritize building long-lasting connections with our partners and understanding their needs and aspirations. Our unwavering commitment lies in empowering their businesses to thrive by offering unbeatable prices and superior-quality in LED billboards.

Our extensive product portfolio caters to a diverse range of requirements, ensuring that we have options available for every budget. Whether you’re in search of small electronic billboards or giant electronic billboards, JASIONLED has you covered. Partner with JASIONLED today and experience the difference our high-end LED billboard and signage solutions can make for your business.

The Perfect Blend: Excellent Quality and Affordable LED Billboards

LED billboards are a popular form of advertising because they combine large size, high definition, and captivating visual effects. They offer businesses an innovative way to promote themselves by attracting attention and displaying dynamic messages, striking images, and engaging videos. These billboards can be used indoors or outdoors in any commercial area to enhance brand visibility. Their ease of installation and maintenance make them popular worldwide among advertisers.


Outdoor LED Billboards

Wholesale outdoor LED billboards are large electronic displays that utilize LED technology for outdoor advertising. When purchasing, it’s important to research reputable suppliers, consider specifications such as size and resolution, ensure outdoor durability, evaluate installation and maintenance requirements, factor in cost and ROI, and consider content management options. 

Available Pixel Pitches:

5, 8, 10, 15


Mobile LED Billboard Trucks

Mobile LED billboard trucks are vehicles with large LED screens for displaying engaging ads. They are mobile, customizable, and can reach diverse audiences. With high-resolution visuals, remote control, and features like GPS tracking and audio capability, these trucks offer a dynamic advertising solution for events and festivals.

Available Pixel Pitches:

2.5, 3, 4, 5, 8, 10

Indoor LED Billboard

Indoor LED billboards are dynamic electronic displays that use LED technology for high visibility advertising in indoor spaces. They can be customized, remote controlled, and interactive, making them a versatile platform for businesses to engage audiences and generate revenue.

Available Pixel Pitches:

1.56, 1.875, 2, 2.5, 3, 5

Flexible LED Billboard

Flexible LED billboards are versatile electronic signage solutions that can bend and curve to fit various surfaces. They offer high-resolution visuals, energy efficiency, and weather resistance. With dynamic content and remote control capabilities, they find applications in outdoor advertising and events.

Available Pixel Pitches:

3, 4, 5, 8, 10, 15

LED Walking Billboard

LED walking billboards are portable LED displays that allow advertisers to reach a wider audience by displaying dynamic content such as images, videos, and text while moving around in crowded areas. Elevate your brand and engage your target audience with this innovative, attention-grabbing advertising solution.

Available Pixel Pitches:

1.25, 1.56, 1.875, 2, 2.5

LED Advertising Billboards

LED advertising billboards are large outdoor screens that use LED technology to display dynamic ads. They offer flexibility, remote content management, durability and energy efficiency, making them popular in high-traffic areas. Experience the future of advertising with our innovative LED solutions.

Available Pixel Pitches:

2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5

True color & unique vision

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Roadside LED Display

Roadside LED displays are digital signs that use LEDs to convey information to drivers. They provide real-time traffic updates, emergency notifications, advertising and promote driver awareness, enhancing road safety.

Pole LED Display

Pole LED displays are vertical electronic displays used for outdoor advertising. They consist of LED panels that can display vibrant content and are controlled remotely. Pole LED displays attract attention, deliver dynamic content and are energy-efficient.

LED Poster

LED posters are dynamic displays that combine the advantages of traditional posters with digital flexibility. They display animations, videos and scrolling text, making them ideal for engaging audiences in various settings.

Totem LED Display

Totem LED displays are freestanding, vertical LED panels used for vibrant advertising and information display in high-traffic areas. They offer remote control and real-time content updates to engage audiences in outdoor settings.

Banner LED Display

A banner LED display is a scrolling electronic advertising tool that uses LED lights. The display can scroll or move messages horizontally or vertically, allowing for longer or multiple messages within a limited space.

Programmable LED Sign

Programmable LED signs are customizable displays that use LED panels to show text, images and animations. They're controlled by a computer or dedicated system, and offer various display modes and can connect wirelessly.

LED Shop Display

LED shop displays are bright, energy-efficient, versatile and capable of showcasing dynamic content. They provide a cost-effective solution for attracting customers and enhancing the shopping experience.

Foldable LED Screens

Foldable LED screens combine flexible displays with vibrant LED technology, allowing for portable devices with stunning visuals. They offer large viewing areas when unfolded, and can be folded without compromising image quality.

JasionLED - High Quality Wholesale LED Billboard Supplier

JASIONLED adheres to the ISO9001:2008 international quality management system and is committed to producing high-quality displays. We achieve a remarkable monthly production capacity of 5,000 square meters by using cutting-edge machinery and sophisticated equipment in our manufacturing process. Throughout the entire process, we employ meticulous attention to detail.

To ensure that our LED billboards perform at their best and last for years to come, we put them through a series of rigorous tests. We test for airtightness, vibration resistance and heat tolerance, as well as an extensive 72-hour aging test before delivery.

Why Buy Electronic Billboard for Wholesale from JasionLED?

Discover our extensive range of wholesale electronic billboards, meticulously curated to provide you with the best prices in the market. Whether you seek LED signs or electronic billboards, we offer an expansive selection to cater to every business's needs. Our product line encompasses outdoor advertising solutions suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, ensuring versatile and effective promotion for your business. With our cost-effective options, advertising your business has never been easier.

Premium Quality

We offer superior-quality LED lights to ensure you see the best value for your money. Our products are manufactured from Nationstar, Kinglight, Nichia, Cree and Epistar LED materials. These companies are renowned for the quality of their products.

Competitive Cost

Unlock Cost-Effective Solutions with our LED Advertising Billboards. Our robust supply chain ensures cost control, offering competitive pricing without compromising quality. Elevate your brand with our superior LED solutions.

International Standards

JasionLED screens have been installed in over 90+ countries. The company's advanced technology and outstanding products are certified by ISO9001-2008, CE, ROHS, UL, CUL, FCC, C-tick, PSE, KC and other international standards.

One-Stop Solution

JasionLED is a one-stop provider of LED display products and services. We offer a wide range of LED displays at competitive prices and high quality. Our team can provide technical advice if you are unsure which product to pick or need any help solving problems related to your project.

Industry Leader

JasionLED is a global leader in LED display technology, having grown rapidly since 2003. Through continuous innovation and outstanding quality products that combine best-in-class value and performance, JasionLED strives to satisfy customers by providing innovative technology.

24/7 Customer Service

JasionLED provides customers with a one-stop solution for LED display screens. We have more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing and installing LED displays and providing extensive support after they are installed. Whether you require assistance with installation, troubleshooting, or general inquiries, our knowledgeable and friendly staff is always ready to help.

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