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Jasionled was established in 2003 and is located in Shenzhen, China; It employs 300 more professional workers and has an area of 8000 square meters for production. Our LED displays have been exported to over 90+ countries worldwide. Strict production process services and technical support for you to know why you need to choose Jasionled as your LED display manufacturer. Outstanding quality, competitive price, and first-class service will assure for your side.

All JASIONLED’s LED displays are CE, EMC-B, FCC, and RoHS-approved. The applications, such as commercial plazas, stadiums, shopping centers or transportation facilities, can be varied.

Driving is More Fun with the LED Emoji Car Display

The LED Emoji Car Display is a fun way to personalize your car. It can be used as a display for anything from navigation to messages and texts from friends. The LED Emoji Car Display is one of our newest products designed to be installed on your existing car dashboard. This display is available in an assortment of colors, so you can choose the one that best matches your style or interior decor.

The LED Emoji Car Display is made of high-quality materials, so you know it will last for years. It has been designed with a sleek look and feels to fit into any car’s interior design scheme.

True color & unique vision

The Applications for LED Emoji Car Displays

The LED emoji display is one of the most popular and practical automotive upgrades; It offers a simple means of conversing with other drivers or having fun. You can use the display in various ways to enhance your driving pleasure. Here are a few of this device’s best qualities.


For Drivers

Drivers can use the LED emoji car displays to express themselves and their moods. The display can show a variety of animations, from simple blinks to complex animations that make the car look like it’s talking. Drivers can also use the display to communicate with other drivers, give them directions or have fun with them.


Express Yourself

With the LED emoji car display, you can express yourself in a new way. You can choose from hundreds of different sports teams, flags of countries and national symbols, or even use your photos to create a custom display for your car. The possibilities are endless!

For Taxi

Use LED Emoji Car Displays to help people find you if you drive for Uber, Lyft, or any other taxi service. Just put their name on your window. Taxi and ride-sharing drivers will love the LED emoji car display. It’s not necessary for you to remember to record your passenger’s name; post it on the window so they will know where to go.

For Home and Business

LED Emoji Car Displays aren’t just for the car. Use LED Emoji Car Displays to brighten your home, advertise your shop or café, or put them in your yard and make the neighbourhood smile.


QR Code

You can share your contact information through QR codes, which allow you to exchange business cards, photos, and videos in seconds.

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High-end Production Machines for Stable LED Display

JASIONLED owns advanced production machines such as Samsung full Automatic SMT Machines and Peak/Reflow Welding Machines. JASIONLED’s big investment in high-end quality machines can provide you with highly stable LED display products. Also, our significant output production ability can offer competitive prices for you.

Your satisfaction is our priority, which is why we have invested in the latest technology that gives us a competitive edge and allows us to offer you competitive pricing on our products.

JASIONLED: Building the Future of LED Displays

We at JASIONLED know how important it is to have a reliable partner in your corner. We've been working with LED display businesses for years and can offer you the same services we offer our other clients. We'll help you create a strategy that will help you grow your business, whether it's through marketing, production or sales. We'll help you develop the right processes to ensure all aspects of your business are running smoothly. And we'll provide you with the resources needed to take your business to the next level.

We are experienced in the LED display industry, so we can provide you with high-performance LED display solutions that meet your needs. Our team is well-versed in the LED display industry, so we can provide you with high-performance LED display solutions that meet your needs.

JASIONLED has established itself as a leading industry provider of LED display products and services; We’ve worked with clients from every industry, including retail, hotels, restaurants and government agencies. Our team comprises highly knowledgeable professionals about the latest technology trends. It can help you select the right solution for your business.

JASIONLED has advanced production equipment, professional testing equipment, and strict quality controls. The products are made of high-quality materials and comply with international standards.

JASIONLED’s high production capacity enables it to deliver products quickly, ensuring a prompt response to customer demands. JASIONLED uses advanced technology to manufacture the highest quality products. We can produce high volumes of products with a short lead time, ensuring our customers are always satisfied.

JASIONLED provides a one-stop service, from installation to training and maintenance. We are committed to customer satisfaction and have a customer-oriented corporate culture. We provide you with the best quality products and services and strive to meet your needs. Our engineers will help you design and install the lighting system best suited to your needs.

The 3-year warranty guarantees that JASIONLED will continue to support you after you purchase one of our products. We are a company that stands behind our products and services. We want you to be able to purchase with confidence, knowing that we will always be there for you if something goes wrong.

Our LED screen modules deliver high-quality products through various advanced equipment and processes, including raw material inspection, SMT production optical inspection, calibration equipment and vibration measurement.

We purchase all materials from well-respected business partners, including Nationstar, Kinglight, Nichia, Cree and Epistar LED. This ensures the quality of our products.

JASIONLED has established a set of efficient production lines and effective workers who always dedicate themselves to creating great cost-effective products that bring satisfaction to our customers.

We will take care to pack and transport your LED display modules carefully.

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