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JASIONLED: Pioneering High-Tech LED Display Solutions since 2003

JASIONLED, established in 2003, is committed to the development and manufacturing of high-tech products, accompanied by exceptional services from our experienced and top-level research and development (R&D) team.

Over the course of our 20-year journey, we have dedicated ourselves to hard work, leading to the creation of a range of products known for their stable performance, trustworthy quality, and excellent value for money. Our customers, both domestic and international, have been consistently impressed by the superior and reliable quality we offer.

The P5 Outdoor LED Display: Unmatched Brilliance, Resolution, and Viewing Angle

The P5 Outdoor LED display offers a perfect combination of high brightness, resolution, and wide viewing angle. Its modular design ensures effortless installation and maintenance. Designed for outdoor use, the P5 excels with superior heat dissipation technology, preventing overheating even in intense sunlight or heavy rain.

This display serves a multitude of purposes. It can be easily mounted as a standalone screen on billboards or rooftops, or seamlessly integrated into existing structures like bridges or buildings. Its versatility allows for customization in terms of size, aspect ratio, and resolution to cater to specific requirements.

True color & unique vision

High Definition & Cost-effective P5 Outdoor LED Display

JASIONLED’s High Definition & Cost-effective P5 Outdoor LED Display is a high-quality, cost-effective, and energy-efficient outdoor advertising solution. The display features a 5mm pixel pitch, which delivers vibrant images and high definition visuals that are suitable for any outdoor environment. It supports multiple input sources and can be easily installed and maintained by businesses and event organizers who want a captivating viewing experience for their customers or audience members.


P5 Outdoor LED Billboard

P5 outdoor LED billboards are an effective medium for outdoor advertising, attracting attention and delivering dynamic content to a wide audience. These billboards are weatherproof with high brightness levels and can be updated in real-time.

P5 Outdoor LED Mobile Billboard

P5 mobile billboards are a type of mobile outdoor advertising display that uses LED panels and is visible in sunlight. Advertisers can remotely control their content and schedule it to be displayed on these LED billboards.


P5 Outdoor Advertising LED Display

P5 outdoor advertising LED displays are high-quality, weatherproof panels with a 5mm pixel pitch. They offer vibrant visuals, wide visibility, and excellent color reproduction for outdoor advertising. These modular displays can withstand harsh conditions and are remotely managed for easy content updates.

P5 Outdoor Transparent LED Display

P5 outdoor transparent LED displays are used for advertising, retail, events and architectural installations. They offer advantages such as transparency, high brightness, weather resistance, customizable sizes and shapes and energy efficiency.


P5 Taxi LED Display

A P5 taxi LED display is a high-resolution, outdoor advertising display that can be installed on moving vehicles such as taxis. The displays are designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor use and provide clear visibility even at shorter distances. They are remotely controlled so advertisers can update content in real-time.


P5 Outdoor Front Service LED Screen

A P5 outdoor front service LED screen is a weatherproof display that offers high brightness and wide viewing angles. It requires a controller and content management system.

Transforming Spaces with JasionLED's P5 Outdoor LED Screen Installations

P5 Outdoor LED Screen Project in Shanghai – 70SQM

Pixel Pitch: P5
Application: Advertising Board
Shipping destination: Shanghai
Working input voltage: 220V

P5 Outdoor Advertising LED Display

Pixel Pitch: P5
Application: Advertising Display
Shipping destination: Nepal
Working input voltage: 220V

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Soft P4 Flexible Indoor Display Module

The Soft P4 Flexible Indoor Display Module is a high-resolution LED module with a bendable design for indoor applications. It offers vibrant colors, easy installation, and maintenance, and compatibility with different control systems. It provides a dynamic and visually captivating solution for indoor advertising and information display.

P4 Outdoor LED Display

The P4 Outdoor LED Display is a weather-resistant, high-quality display with a 4mm pixel pitch, high brightness, and wide viewing angle. Its energy efficiency, seamless design, and remote management make it versatile for outdoor applications. From advertising to sports stadiums, transportation hubs, and entertainment venues, it offers durable and visually captivating outdoor displays.

P3 Outdoor LED Screen

P3 Outdoor LED Screens are high-resolution, weatherproof displays with a 3mm pixel pitch for clear, sharp visuals. They offer high brightness, easy installation and maintenance with a modular design, wide viewing angle and energy-efficient operation, making them ideal for outdoor advertising, stadiums and transportation hubs.

P6 LED Screen

The P6 LED Screen's adaptability and excellent display quality make a wide range of applications possible. This display is ideal for a variety of tasks, particularly in retail environments thanks to its great visual clarity, brightness, and wide viewing angles. It also smoothly connects with existing systems, guaranteeing a simple setup.

P8 LED Display

P8 LED displays are versatile, durable and energy-efficient. Their high resolution visuals and vibrant colors can be viewed from many angles and the displays are easy to install, making them perfect for captivating visual communication in indoor or outdoor applications.

P10 LED Display

The P10 LED Display is a high-resolution, weatherproof LED panel suitable for indoor and outdoor advertising and information display purposes. It offers vibrant visuals, wide viewing angles, and easy installation and maintenance. The display supports various content formats and can be remotely controlled and monitored.

Fine Pitch LED Video Wall

The Fine Pitch LED Video Wall is an advanced display solution that delivers high-resolution visuals with vibrant colors and exceptional clarity. It creates an immersive viewing experience suitable for various applications, including retail store displays, digital signage displays, and public information displays.

Micro LED Video Wall

Our Micro LED Video Wall is a revolutionary display technology that offers stunning image quality, seamless performance, and exceptional versatility. It delivers superior brightness, contrast and color accuracy; wide viewing angles; high brightness and HDR capability.

Technology, Quality, and Dedication at JASIONLED

We are deeply committed to our mission of creating the most reliable and custom-designed LED displays in the industry. With a global reach spanning over 90 countries, we take pride in bringing our exceptional products to customers worldwide. Our unwavering passion for innovation drives us to continuously upgrade our LED technology, reinventing the way displays are experienced.

The synergy of superb technology, top-notch product quality, and a steadfast dedication to excellence has earned us acclaim from investors worldwide. JASIONLED remains resolute in our mission to provide you with world-class products and unparalleled services, ensuring your satisfaction is at the forefront of everything we do. We strive to exceed your expectations with each interaction and leave a lasting impression of our commitment to excellence.

JASIONLED: Your Professional P5 Outdoor LED Display Screen Manufacturer

Professional Manufacturer
Over the course of twenty years, JASIONLED has garnered extensive expertise in research and development. With state-of-the-art automated production equipment and a standard clean room, equipped with anti-static system devices, they have honed their capabilities. These resources serve as a solid foundation, ensuring the enhancement of product quality and the creation of cost-effective solutions.
World Standard
JASIONLED display products conform to the industry's certification of CE, ROHS, UL, CUL, FCC, C-tick, PSE, KC and ISO9001 standards. The company has perfected quality management in its strict quality certification system of ISO9001:2008.
Full Range
JASIONLED has a full range of LED Screen displays and products used for indoor and outdoor activities, LED advertisement displays, LED stage displays, irregular-shaped displays, truck mobile LED displays and sports billboards. These products can be found for rental and fixed solutions for advertisement.
Competitive Advantages
We have a production capacity of 5,000 square meters per month and a factory area of 8,000 square meters, equipped with advanced production equipment, professional testing equipment and strict quality standards. We have seasoned experience in Rental LED Displays. We have a price advantage for P3, P4, P5, P8, P10, P16 and P20 while maintaining good performance. 3 years warranty guarantees you a reassuring user experience.
Global Presence
Over the past 20 years, JASIONLED's LED display products have gained acceptance in the global market because of their good brand image and excellent product quality. Currently, they export to more than 90+ countries worldwide. In the future, they plan on improving their LED display products with innovations.
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