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JASIONLED, the leading manufacturer and supplier of P2 LED screen solutions in China, focuses on research and development, creation, marketing and support of P2 LED displays, modules and control systems. Our goal is to provide customers excellent pre-sale and after-sale services.

JASIONLED focuses on high quality products with competitive price and fast delivery time. Our mission is to provide customers with high quality products at competitive prices by continuously improving our production process with advanced technology and strict QC test procedures.

The Power of Pixel Pitch: Delivering Amazing Picture Quality at 2.0mm

Amazing picture quality and high-definition image presentation are to be expected with a 2.0mm pixel pitch. This entails that you can see text, photos, movies, and graphics in great detail.

High brightness, high contrast ratio and wide viewing angle up to 160 degrees makes it perfect for big-screen applications such as shopping malls, exhibition halls, sports stadiums, conference rooms and corporate offices etc.

True color & unique vision

Powerful P2 LED Screen: Ideal for Advertising and Entertainment

Our P2 LED screen is excellent for both entertainment and advertising. It is ideal for outdoor use because of the strong, bright screen, which is made to be seen in even the strongest sunlight. It also provides sharp and clear visual quality because to its high resolution. Your audience will be able to view every element of your message or presentation, even from a distance, thanks to this high-quality screen.


P2 Indoor LED Display

The P2 indoor LED display offers a seamless viewing experience with its 3840hz refresh rate, ensuring smooth content transitions. Its high brightness of 1100cd/m2 allows vibrant visuals even in well lit spaces, and impressive pixel density of 250,000 dots/m2 ensures sharp and detailed imagery. perfect for various applications for captivating visual experiences in diverse environment.

P2 Poster LED Screen

P2 Poster LED Screen

The p2 poster LED screen boast a pixel density of 105,689pixels/m2, ensuring sharp visuals with a 1/26 scan driving mode and 1000cd/m2 brightness, it delivers clear images even in well-lit environments. Offering a wide viewing angle of 120º and a viewing distance of 3 meters, it provides an excellent viewing experience. Its 14bit gray level and 3840hz refresh rate ensure that vibrant colors and smooth content transitions, making it ideal for captivating advertising and informal displays.


P2 Taxi Top LED Screen

The P2 taxi top  LED screen is a robust outdoor display solution with 5000nits brightness and a 3840hz refresh rate. Its IP67 rating guarantees durability, and the panels are rigorously tested at 80% humidity and 80ºC for  hours, ensuring reliability in various conditions. Ideal for dynamic mobile advertising, it combines high visibility, smooth visuals and exceptional durability for impactful on the go promotions.

P2 Front Access LED Screen

P2 Front Access LED Screen

The P2 front access LED screen offers easy maintenance, ensuring quick and simple operations. With a pixel density of 105,689pixel/m2, 1000cd/m2 brightness, 120º viewing angle, 3m viewing distance, and a refresh rate of 3840Hz, it delivers sharp visuals and smooth content transitions, making it an ideal choice for impactful displays.

P2 Outdoor LED Display for Advertising

The p2 outdoor LED display is perfect for outdoor advertising, featuring a lightweight aluminum profile for easy installation. With an IP67 rating, its durable in various weather conditions. It offers a high refresh rate of 3840hz, 16-bit grayscale for detailed imagery and a high brightness of 6000cd/m2 ensuring vibrant and clear visibility for impactful outdoor campaigns.


P2 Flexible LED Display

The p2 flexible LED display offers unparalleled versatility with a pixel density of 250,000 dots/m2 and a scan rate of 1/40. Its high brightness of 7000cd/m2 ensures vibrant displays in any environvironment. This display can adapat to any curve or artistic surface providing unique visual experiences. Remarkably lightweight and thin, its easy to install and perfect for creative applications.

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P6 LED Screen

The P6 LED screen is a display solution with a 6mm pixel pitch, it strike a balance between detail and viewing distance, making it suitable for various indoor & outdoor applications. Whether use for advertising, events or informational displays, the P6 LED screen offers easy installation and maintenance, making it a cost effective choice.

P4 LED Screen

The P4 LED screen is a top tier display solution renowed for its high resolution and exceptional clarity. With a fine 4mm pixel pitch, it delivers incredibly detailed and vibrant visuals, making it perfect for indoor applications where image quality matters the most. This pixel density ensure sharp text, crisp images and smooth video playback.

P10 LED Display

The P10 LED display is a widely used outdoor advertising solution, offering a balanced pixel pitch of 10mm, ensuring clear visuals from a distance. Known for its durability and reliability. It is a popular choice for large event signage, sports events, concerts and public displays due to its vibrant and eye catching visuals.

Cube LED Video Wall

A cube LED video wall is a cutting edge display solution featuring seamless LED panels arranged in a three-dimensional cube shape. This set up allows for dynamic visuals from multiple angles, making it perfect for engaging displays in exhibitions, events and retail spaces. Its modular design offers customization options creating visually stunning and interactive installation ofr various applications.

Trade Show LED Display

A trade show LED display is a high impact ,marketing tool featuring vibrant LED technology. Lightweight and easy to set up, these displays come in various sizes, making them ideal for showcasing products and services at exhibitions or events.

Advertising Video Wall

The advertising video wall is a versatile display solution comprosing multiple seamless LED panels. Widely used in retail, corporate, and public spaces, it showcases dynamic advertising and interactive content. With high resolution visuals, these video walls are impactful tools for engaging marketing strategies.

Portable LED Video Wall

A portable LED video wall is a compact and versatile display system made of individual LED panels that creates a high resolution, vibrant screen. Ideal for events and presentations, it offers easy set up, customizable sizes and bright visuals. Lightweight and user friendly, these video walls provides seamless viewing experiences.

Curved LED Wall

A curve LED wall is a display system comprised of flexible LED panles that can be bent to create concave or convex screens, offering immersive and captivating visuals. These curved displays are commonly used in retail, museums, and events to enhance viewing angles and provide a unique visual experience.

JASIONLED: Your Go-To P2 LED Display Manufacturer in China

With over 20 years of LED display experience, JASIONLED is a leading P2 LED display manufacturer in China. More than 200 people, including R&D engineers, work for our company, which has an 8000 square meter footprint. Our skilled R&D team can offer users specialized goods that are tailored to their specific needs.

Our P2 LED display products are widely used in various fields, including advertising, public information and entertainment. Our products have been exported to more than 90 countries and regions, including Europe, North America and Australia.

Factors Influencing the Cost of P2 LED Screens

P2 LED screen prices are influenced by a variety of elements, such as screen size and resolution, labor and material costs, and the chosen display technology. Each factor will be discussed in turn below.

The price of the screen will directly depend on the size of the LED panel. A larger screen will cost more to produce because it needs more room and LEDs.

An essential component of the price of P2 LED screens is the video processing equipment. The reason is that it influences whether or not the screen can carry out sophisticated operations like noise reduction and color correction as well as how well it can display high-definition images. The price of the video processing system will increase as it becomes more sophisticated.

The complexity of the installation process might significantly affect the price of P2 LED screens. If you intend to hire a professional installer, make sure to request quotes from several businesses so that you are aware of what to anticipate. The cost will increase as more work is performed.

The cost of your system can significantly vary depending on the style of your LED display. You might wish to construct a flat display instead of a curved one because it is easier and less expensive to do so. However, if you want to add extras like a touchscreen interface or an audio-visual presentation, you will have to pay more for such functionalities.

Hanging construction is more expensive than standing construction because it requires a lot of additional parts, including the frame, which has to be specially designed to hang from a ceiling or wall.

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