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JASIONLED is China’s top P4 LED display manufacturer and supplier, with an extensive range of P4 LED displays, modules, and control systems.These items, which are dependable and durable, are the result of extensive research and development. Additionally, we provide thorough technical support to ensure the efficiency of your supply chain management procedures.

We want your time with JASIONLED to be enjoyable and peaceful, and the first step in that direction is giving you the dependable items you require.

The P4 LED Screen: The Perfect Advertising Solution for Your Business

With a pixel pitch of 4mm, it delivers crisp, clear visuals that are sure to capture your attention. The P4 LED screen is the ideal option whether you’re using it for advertising, live events, or simply to display your most recent works. With a maximum brightness of 7000cd, it can provide magnificent images even in direct sunlight.

The P4 LED screen has a 160° viewing angle, which makes it perfect for huge groups. Additionally, it is made to last thanks to an anti-corrosion aluminum housing that can weather the elements and avoid fading or discoloration with time.

True color & unique vision

P4 LED Screens: The Perfect Solution for Digital Signage

Digital signage is the perfect solution for your business. P4 LED display can be used to advertise events and promotions, display items, and even give information. With P4 LED displays, you can show high-quality images on any screen size without compromising image quality since they have the ideal brightness, clarity, and color saturation ratio. As a consequence, your consumers will enjoy a high-definition experience without breaking the bank.


P4 Indoor LED Display

Our P4 indoor LED display is a high definition visual solution with a remarkable pixel density of 62500 pixels/sqm and a brightness of 4000cd/m2. Its efficient 1/16 duty driving mode ensures optimal performance, while the display excels in clarity even at a viewing distance of 4meters. Perfect for diverse settings including retail, events, and corporate spaces, this display captivates audiences with sharp and vibrant visuals.


P4 Outdoor LED Display

P4 outdoor LED display boasts a high brightness of 6000cd/m2, 1/8 scan drive, and a wide viewing angle of 140º, this display ensures clear and vibrant content from any perspective. Perfect for outdoor events and advertising, it offers exceptional color accuracy with a 16bit grayscale and a refresh rate of 3840Hz. With an optimal viewing distance of 40meters, the P4 LED display delivers unmatched clarity & impact.

P4 Flexible LED Display

The P4 flexible LEDdisplay deatures a 1/16 scan driving mode, delivering crisp visuals with its 1200cd/m2 brightness and 8bits grayscale. With a wide viewing angle of 140º and a rapid refresh rate of 3840Hz, it ensures vibrant and smooth display performance. The best viewing distance ranges from 4-40 meters, making it versatile for various applications, from indoor srt ups to outdoor events.

P4 LED Fixed Video Wall

The P4 fixed LED display is a top-tier visual solution equipped with advanced features. Its remakrable pixel density of 62500dots/m2 ensures incredibly sharp and  detailed imagery, making it deal for application demanding high-quality visuals. The display employs a 1/16 scan driving devices, enchancing its efficiency and performance. with a rapid refresh rate of 3840Hz, this display delivers smooth and flicker-free visuals, ensuring a superior viewing experience for any audience.

P4 Taxi Roof Top LED Display

The P4  taxi roof top LED display features a pixel density of 62500dots/sqm, providing clear and detailed visuals. With a brightness of 4000cd/sqm and a 1/4 scan mode, it ensures visibility even in bright daylight, making it perfect for mobile advertising. The display offers a wide 120º viewing angle and a 14-bit grayscale, delivering vibrant and engaging content to a broad audience.


P4 Rental LED Display

The P4 rental LED display offers exceptional quality with a density of 160,000 pixels/m2 and a brightness of 1000cd/m2. Its wide 120º viewing angle ensures visibility from various perspectives, even at a close distance of 2.5 meters. With a 14-bit grayscale and a rapid refresh rate of 3840hz, this display guarantees vivid and smooth visuals, making it perfect for events and exhibitions.

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Interactive LED Wall

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Get Stable Performance with JASIONLED's P4 LED Display Modules and Products

JASIONLED has a production capacity of 8,000㎡+ for LED modules and 5,000㎡+ for assembling P4 led screens that ensure outstanding delivery capacity to meet your market demand. We have comprehensive testing rooms and advanced equipment for our LED screen modules to ensure high-quality products.

We also implement 72 hours aging test to enable the stable performance of JASIONLED P4 LED display modules and all products.

The Benefits of Choosing JASIONLED for Your P4 LED Display Solutions

The top supplier of P4 LED display solutions for the hospitality sector is JASIONLED. Our displays are made to fit your company’s requirements and leave a positive impression on your clients. Listed below are just a few advantages of selecting JASIONLED:

We consistently strive to give our customers the best service possible and have a proven track record of satisfying their demands. P4 LED display solutions are only one of the many things we can provide for you. We are able to create and produce these products in accordance with your specifications thanks to the assistance of our skilled engineers.
JASIONLED is a leading provider of LED display solutions. We offer various products, including indoor and outdoor LED displays, rental screens, large-scale installations and more.
Our products are CE, ROHS, UL, CUL, FCC, C-tick, PSE, KC approved. We have been in this field for 20 years and have accumulated rich experience in manufacturing and R&D. With the development of industry standards and requirements for environmental protection of electronic products, our products are constantly updated to meet new standards.
JASIONLED is the most cost-effective LED display solution provider in the market. Our products are designed and manufactured with high quality materials that ensure you can use them for years without worrying about maintenance costs.
Our team of professionals can assist you with finding the ideal solution for your needs. We can offer premium items at affordable costs because to our in-house manufacturing facility. We promise on-time delivery and are committed to providing our clients with expert services.
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