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JASIONLED is a prominent P8 LED display manufacturer with more than 20 years of expertise in the industry. We are dedicated to providing consumers with top-notch P8 LED displays and services. Our objective is to forge a lasting relationship with our customers by providing them with premium P8 LED screens at affordable P8 LED display prices.

Our P8 LED display is widely used in the fields of advertising, event, exhibition, and so on. The main products are the Advertising LED display screen series; LED video wall system series; LED display wall system series; LED outdoor advertising panel series; LED indoor advertising panel series; LED digital signage board series; LED billboard light box series etc.

P8.0 LED Display: The Ultimate Choice for High-Quality Visual Content

The 8mm pixel pitch of the P8.0 LED display has been tuned for the finest visual experience. Your content will be displayed on the screen in all of its glorious detail thanks to the accurate color representation. Its display provides you with the best viewing experience possible at all times thanks to its ideal brightness and excellent definition.

For any application that needs high-quality visual content, the P8.0 LED display is the best choice. Retail establishments, airports, and even commercial aircraft are just a few of the settings and circumstances where it might be applied.

True color & unique vision

Revolutionizing Visual Communication with P8 LED Displays

The P8 LED Display is a premium item that provides audiences and presenters with a wonderful visual experience. It has established itself as a mainstay in many presentations and is suitable for everything from straightforward slide demonstrations to intricate data visualizations. The display is a popular option for companies wishing to enhance their presentations due to its adaptability.


P8 Outdoor LED Display

The P8 outdoor LED display is a high qulaity electronic screen designed for outdoor use, featuring a pixel density of 1000dots/sqm and a scan mode of 1/2 scan. It boast a lifespan of 100,000 hrs, providing a long lasting performance. Additionally, it comes with a generous 3 year warranty, offering durability and reliability.


P8 Indoor LED Display

The P8 indoor LED display offers vibrant detailed visuals with an 8mm pixel pitch. Its modular design allows flexible configurations, adapting to various indoor spaces. With superior color reproduction and high brightness, it ensures lifelike, impactful content even in well-lit environments. Built for reliability, it boasts a long lifespan, minimizing maintenance. 


P8 Sports Perimeter LED Display

The P8 sports perimeter LED display offers vibrant visuals with 15625dots/sqm pixel density and a high refresh rate of 1920hz. Its 5000nits brightness ensures clear visibility in outdoor settings. Featuring an adjustable bracket, protecting mask, rubber module mash, and quick locking assembly, its designed for efficient set up and durability in sports arenas.


P8 Commercial LED Display

The P8 commercial LED display boasts a brightness of 5500cd/sqm and a high pixel density of 15625dots/m2, ensuring vibrant and detailed visuals. With a 1/8 scan mode, it offers efficient performance. It features a long lifespan of 100,000 hours, making it a reliable choice for commercial applications.

P8 Front Access LED Display

P8 front access LED displau combines convenience and quality. With a pixel density of 15625pixel/sqm, it delivers sharp visualls. Available in durable iron or lightweight aluminum, it suits various setups. The impressive brightness of 6500cd/sqm ensures clear visibility, while the wide 140º viewing angle caters to diverse audiences. Its contrast ration of 5000:1 enhances image depth and clarity, making it an excelleny choice for impactful displays.


P8 Flexible LED Display

The P8 Flexible LED Displau offers versatility and high performance. With a brightness of 4000cd and 92% permeability, it provides clear visuals while allowing light & air to pass through. The wide 160º viewing angle ensures great visibility from various positions. Its fast refresh rate of 3840Hz and 16bit grayscale deliver smooth, detailed images, making it an excellent choice for dynamic and vibrant displays.

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Cube LED Video Wall

For presentations and corporate events, there is the Cube LED Video Wall, a cutting-edge, high-resolution LED display system. The Cube LED Video Wall is the ideal addition to any event venue thanks to its modern, streamlined design.

Advertising Video Wall

A cutting-edge strategy for businesses to effectively communicate their message is through the Advertising Video Wall. It's made to be a fun, interactive way for your company to interact with customers while also offering you the resources you need to assess how well your advertisements are bringing people into your physical location or website.

Church LED Video Wall

With the help of the Church LED Video Wall, you may use dramatic graphics to captivate your congregation. The wall can be utilized in a variety of ways, including as a screen for videos, a place to put up lyrics for worship, and even a place to put up the church directory.

Portable LED Video Wall

The Portable LED Video Wall is perfect for trade show displays, corporate meeting rooms and lobbies, retail spaces, and more. The lightweight construction and easy set-up make it an ideal choice for temporary or permanent events where you need to create dynamic visual displays.

Outdoor LED Video Wall

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LED Video Wall Panels

The thin and lightweight design allows the use of a large number of panels without causing aesthetic problems. These panels are suitable for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications, including retail stores, restaurants, airports, convention centers, sports stadiums and other large venues.

Interactive LED Wall

An interactive wall is an LED screen. Touch or gesture recognition are the two ways the user can interact with the display. Business, education, advertising, and entertainment are just a few applications for interactive LED walls.

20 Years of Expertise in P8 LED Display Manufacturing

JASIONLED team has focused on developing and manufacturing P8 LED display and specialized in One-Stop Solutions for more than 20 Years.  The LED module, power supply, controller, and cabinet make up the P8 LED display. Hence, we must thoroughly check each component, including the LED chips, driving IC, PCB board, glue, housing, wires, controller card, cabinet, etc.

JASIONLED can offer you a complete solution that addresses every facet of your project in the P8 LED display production line. We have a committed group of R&D engineers that are always available to assist you with any technical problems you could encounter during the production process.

JASIONLED: Your Ultimate Partner for P8 LED Display Solutions

JASIONLED is a leading provider of P8 LED display solutions. Our area of expertise is the design, development, production, distribution, and installation of cutting-edge P8 LED displays. Customers all across the world have embraced our products in large numbers.

Sampling Support
Via sample tests and demonstrations, we will help you comprehend how to use our products. You will be shown how certain features operate and the potential effects they may have on your business by our team of experts. This guarantees that you may choose the goods that are best for you based on information that is accurate.
Offers the Most Effective Expert Technical Support
JASIONLED offers unparaleded expert technical assistance, guaranteeing you optimal product selection tailored to your specific requirements. With our huge experience in this industry, we can help you choose the right product from our wide range of P8 LED display solutions.
Offers the Highest-Quality and Most Innovative LED Technology
We have developed a reputation for creativity, quality, and value thanks to our years of experience in the production of LED displays and lighting solutions. We are committed to making sure that our products uphold the highest standards of excellence since we are a firm that pursues excellence.
Excellent Design Support and a 3-year Warranty
JASIONLED have excellent design support, a three-year warranty, and an unparalleled commitment to quality. We are dedicated to upholding the highest levels of quality control, and our products are produced in a facility that is ISO 9001:2008 certified.
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