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Illuminating Spaces with Innovative Outdoor P8 LED Displays

JASIONLED is a pioneering manufacturer specializing in outdoor P8 LED displays, renowned for our commitment to quality and technological innovation. Our product lineup includes top-quality LED chips, driving IC, LED modules, and cabinets, all designed to deliver high-definition small-pixel LED screens for indoor and outdoor applications.

Our portfolio is extensive, encompassing various LED products such as Rental, Fixed, Outdoor, Creative, Sports Perimeter, Advertising, and Frontal Service LED Displays. We cater to diverse settings like commercial plazas, stadiums, shopping centers, and transportation facilities, providing each with tailor-made LED solutions and state-of-the-art signage control systems.

P8 Outdoor LED Display: High Quality, Stable and Great Performance

The P8.0 Outdoor LED Display is the ultimate outdoor solution for illuminating your outdoor spaces. The high-definition, bright screen produces vivid, clear visuals that accentuate the merits of the P8.0’s 8mm pixel pitch design. Operating impeccably both day and night, the display offers a flawless color representation that highlights your visual experience.

The P8.0 display’s components are tested for endurance, ensuring a long-lasting and reliable performance. It has an IP67 certification, so its waterproof components increase its dependability and make it an ideal choice for outdoor advertising or frequent information displays in any weather conditions. The P8.0 supports various media formats, including video and graphics.

True color & unique vision

High Quality, High Efficiency, High Stability P8 Outdoor LED Display

P8 outdoor LED display is made of high-quality and high-efficiency LEDs, which can supply a high brightness to make the display more vivid. In addition to its high brightness and color uniformity, the lifespan of the P8 outdoor LED display is up to 50,000 hours under regular operation. Moreover, this product is waterproof and can be used in all kinds of environments.


P8 Outdoor LED Digital Billboard

The P8 Outdoor LED Digital Billboard features an 8mm pixel pitch, a highly bright and wide viewing angle, IP67-rated protection against harsh conditions, energy-efficient technology and a high refresh rate. Suitable for outdoor applications such as roadside advertising and stadium screens, this billboard serves as an effective tool for increasing brand awareness and communicating key messages.


P8 Outdoor Digital LED Sign Board

The P8 Outdoor Digital LED Sign Board is a weatherproof digital signage solution with high brightness and sharp display quality, offering easy content management, wide viewing angles and 24/7 operation. It’s the perfect investment for businesses looking to engage their audience and convey messages effectively in outdoor environments.


P8 Outdoor Curved LED Screen

The P8 Outdoor Curved LED Screen is a high-resolution, waterproof and curved digital display designed for outdoor advertising purposes. Its durable construction, easy installation and maintenance, and energy-efficient LED technology make it a reliable and cost-effective solution for outdoor display needs in stadiums, shopping malls, transportation hubs, or other public spaces.


P8 Outdoor LED Advertising Board

The P8 Outdoor LED Advertising Board is a durable, high-resolution display designed for outdoor advertising. It offers remote management capabilities for easy content updates and scheduling, making it a versatile solution for various outdoor advertising applications, such as billboards, retail centers, stadiums, and transportation hubs.


P8 Outdoor LED Mobile Billboard

The P8 Outdoor LED Mobile Billboard is a high-resolution LED display that can be moved to different locations to promote brands, products, and events. It offers remote content management capabilities and energy-efficient operation as well as customization options.


P8 Outdoor Transparent LED Display

The P8 Outdoor Transparent LED Display offers high transparency and excellent image quality. It’s perfect for outdoor installations where visibility and architectural aesthetics are important, such as retail stores, restaurants, and billboards.


P8 Outdoor Fixed LED Display

The P8 Outdoor Fixed LED Display is a weatherproof LED display built for permanent outdoor installations. It has excellent brightness and contrast, wide viewing angle, energy efficiency, and seamless module construction. It’s also scalable, making it a versatile choice for businesses and event organizers seeking impactful outdoor displays.


P8 Perimeter LED Display

The P8 Perimeter LED Display is a state-of-the-art advertising solution designed for sports arenas and stadiums. It features a safety design with soft masks and a pillow sponge to protect the LED screen and athletes from accidental impacts. The display’s adjustable base structure allows for optimal viewing angles, ensuring clear visibility for both spectators and athletes.

P8 Outdoor LED Display for Stadium

The P8 Outdoor LED Display for Stadium is a versatile and high-quality LED display designed specifically for stadiums, arenas, and sports halls. It provides an immersive viewing experience for spectators and maximizes advertising revenues by providing clear visibility even from long distances.


P8 Outdoor LED Wall Display

The P8 Outdoor LED Wall Display is an outdoor advertising and digital signage solution with high-resolution visuals, excellent brightness and contrast, wide viewing angles, and energy efficiency. It features remote control and management capabilities, customizable design options, and long-lasting performance.

Overview of JASIONLED's P8 Outdoor LED Display Projects


Pixel Pitch: P8
Size: W4.8m x H2.88m
Resolution: W1728 x H960
Control system: Novastar
Shipping destination: Hongkong
Working input voltage: 220V


Pixel Pitch: P8
Size: W2.88 X  H1.92m
Resolution: W1728 x H960
Control system: Novastar
Shipping destination: Spain
Working input voltage: 220V

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P5 Outdoor LED Display

The P5 Outdoor LED Display is an outdoor display solution with a 5mm pixel pitch, weatherproof design, high brightness, and excellent contrast. Its modular design allows for flexible customization, while its wide viewing angle ensures clear visibility from different positions. With energy efficiency and user-friendly control, this display is suitable for outdoor advertising, events, and sports stadiums.

P4 Outdoor LED Display

The P4 Outdoor LED Display is a high-quality display panel designed for outdoor environments. It features a 4mm pixel pitch for sharp and detailed visuals, high brightness for excellent visibility in bright outdoor settings, and a weatherproof design for durability. The display is suitable for outdoor advertising, sports stadiums, transportation hubs, retail stores, and public spaces.

P3 Outdoor LED Screen

The P3 Outdoor LED Screen is a high-quality display solution that offers superior image quality with high resolution, vibrant colors and excellent contrast. It can withstand various weather conditions and is durable and weatherproof. The modular design makes installation easy while energy-efficient technology reduces operating costs. Remote monitoring and control enables efficient management.

P2 LED Screen

The P2 LED Screen is a cutting-edge display with high-resolution visuals and vivid colors. It offers comprehensive control options as well as compatibility with different media sources, making it suitable for indoor applications. With energy efficiency and reliability, it delivers stunning visuals and flexibility for impactful experiences.

Soft P4 Flexible Indoor LED Display

The Soft P4 Flexible Indoor LED Display is a versatile and adaptable indoor display solution with a 4mm pixel pitch. It offers vibrant colors and exceptional contrast, making it ideal for dynamic content. Its lightweight and soft structure allows it to be curved or shaped to fit various installations, providing endless creative possibilities.

P10 LED Display

The P10 LED Display is an LED-based, modular visual display system that provides high-resolution graphics, text, animations, and videos. Equipped with advanced control systems and the ability to support various input formats, it offers energy efficiency, durability and scalability in indoor and outdoor settings.

Fine Pitch LED Video Wall

With fine pixel pitch technology and its seamless, modular design for flexible installation, the Fine Pitch LED Video Wall can accommodate displays of any size or shape. It offers ultra-high resolution, crystal clear images, and vibrant colors - even at close viewing distances.

Micro LED Video Wall

MicroLED video walls utilize tiny LEDs as individual pixels. This technology offers a host of advantages including superior picture quality, high resolution, excellent brightness and contrast, energy efficiency, and longevity. They are expected to become increasingly prevalent in the display technology landscape.

JASIONLED: Exceeding Expectations with Quality P8 Outdoor LED Screen

JASIONLED is an industry leader in LED display manufacturing. Our adherence to strict industry standards is demonstrated by the certifications we have received for our LED control systems, including CE, ROHS, UL, CUL, and FCC. With a 3-year quality warranty and 5% spare parts availability on all LED display products, we back up our goods.

Our in-house R&D team, bolstered by seasoned professionals, crafts highly efficient LED displays tailored to your needs. At JASIONLED, we prioritize continuous quality enhancement to keep pace with the evolving needs of our clientele. Our production capacity exceeds 5000㎡ annually, enabling us to serve over 90 countries globally, demonstrating our expanded market footprint.


The P8 outdoor LED display underwent rigorous testing to ensure their durability. The testing included evaluations of aging, brightness, refresh rate, and resistance to shock and water. This process was carried out at multiple stages of production, including inspections of materials prior to application of adhesive substances and masks, module aging tests and a 72-hour aging trial for the final products.
We are proud to offer direct pricing, eliminating middlemen, which provides a 3% to 10% cost advantage, all while upholding our high-quality standards. Our dedication to offering competitive prices for P4 outdoor LED displays and our promise of superior product quality foster enduring partnerships with our customers.
Our team of experts is available to assist you 24/7 via online support. Our commitment is to provide proficient English help, and we guarantee that every query you have will be addressed without delay.
Our substantial stockpile of raw materials allows us to assure prompt delivery of standard LED displays. Our team prides itself on proficiently managing orders of diverse sizes, typically completing them within a timeframe of 7-15 days.
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